Lisa Firestone
Awarded “Best Solo Pianist” and “Best Spiritual Artist” by Songwriter’s Showcase of America, four time Empower Music & Arts finalist, Lisa Firestone weaves her classical piano roots with heart-opening themes. Since finding home in new thought, she has worked consistently as Music Director for over two decades in both Unity and CSL churches in Orlando and Music City.

Today, in addition to music, Lisa offers Transformation Life coaching, and facilitates nonviolent communication trainings, with her partner Beth, for their company, NVC Tennessee.
Jimmy Lopez: percussion
Music Director: Larry Faragalli: guitar

Host and Closing Treatment: Gregory Fisher, RScP
Reading and Treatment: Dr. Elaine Benson, RScP

Greeters/Ushers: Mary Lou Cohen & J.W.
Hospitality: Susan Primm
Children/Youth Teachers: Barbara Wilson & Ola Shehat
Audio/Visual: AJ Bigler, Ray Dryden

Child & Youth Services 11:10 AM - 1:10 PM
We have a wonderful child and family team who are eager to provide services for children (ages 2-12) from 11:10 am - 1:10 pm. You can drop your child off and have time to attend our meditation services before the Sunday service. We are not equipped to provide infant services, but we will find a quiet space if needed for little ones and their caregiver. If you have any questions or comments please reach out to or come by and talk to Etta next Sunday!

Meditation 11:15 AM - 11:45 AM
Meditation will be held in our meditation room, which is to the right of the front doors. We will have greeters to show you the way!

Service Begins - 12:00 PM
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After Service
Join us in the Fellowship Hall for light refreshments after service.

Would You Like to Volunteer?
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Women's Circle
Every Thursday 12 - 1 PM on Zoom

Men's Circle
Every Wednesday 6:30pm - 8pm at the house on Unity's campus

Our community has been through a lot of changes! We have had some great town hall meetings and a wonderful dialog has begun regarding CSLN's future. The foundation to working as a community to reimagine CSLN begins with us honing our skills to empathetically listen to each other and with each of us looking within to what we as individuals are creating for our own lives. From there we can work as a community to redefine the Vision and Mission for CSLN. Everyone is needed! Please plan to attend a session of a workshop titled, "Empathetic Listening- Building Bridges" and a series of Community Conversations as we lay the groundwork for us as individuals and for our community to reimagine our future.

Empathetic Listening - Building Bridges
Facilitated by Lisa Firestone

Thursday, May 16 10am - 2pm at Unity Nashville

Saturday, May 18 10am - 2pm at Unity Nashville

Community Conversations
Facilitated by Rev. Denise

A 3-part series to begin building CSLN's Vision and Mission. It begins with the journey to explore our individual vision for our own life.
Saturday, June 1: What is Your Personal Vision?
10am - 1:30pm at Unity Nashville

Sunday, June 9: Your Personal Journey
1:30pm - 4:30pm at Unity Nashville

Saturday, June 22: Your Journey with CSLN
10am - 1:30pm with a Bravo Brunch to celebrate CSLN's volunteers

Lunch will be provided at each meeting and workshop.
Love Offering - value received.
Please register for one of the dates below at so that we will know how many lunches to order.
 Dr. Elaine Benson, RScP

In this life, I have found that many gifts that I take for granted are the ones that are given to me at birth. They are the most precious of all because they come directly from God. And God gives me only the very best because I am one with Him. This oneness is a sacred and precious gift of birth. It declares that I am a free person on this earth. I can move around, come and go, and sleep and eat when it pleases me. Therefore, I know that my freedom is to be valued and cherished every day of my life. The people that mean the most to me are called friends and family. They love and support me in every aspect of my life. They are God's gifts to me to help me stay on a path of love, peace, and prosperity. These gifts of people help me to feel loved and worthy of all of God's love and goodness in all of its' various forms. In recognizing these gifts that flow freely from God, I realize that the most precious is the Oneness that I feel each and every day when I do all of my daily activities. Breathing the fresh air, walking in the grass, feeling the sun on my face, and the wind in my hair, I know my oneness with God, as God is in everything and everyone and this knowingness brings me everlasting happiness, Thank you God for giving me the gift of life in this physical body at this time on Earth. Thank you God for my life!
And so it is!
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