Happy, Joyous and Abundant
NEW YEAR Everyone!!

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Within each one of us we know that new beginnings have already begun. We may not be clear about what they are as we continue to define and redefine ourselves... but what seems like uncertainty is actually that we are in the midst of a divine quickening.   

Grounded in Divine Love, we are ascending masters embracing our sacred inner soul. We are beholding the radiant light of our own divine  essence.  We are  living more from love and allowing love to reflect back to us, and we shine our light illuminating the way for ourselves and others.  We observe the unfolding of more compassion expressing in the world, and it gladdens our hearts.

Anchored in Divine Wisdom, we are empowered by our ability to simply say "No" to all that does not serve us, and hold accountable those who choose to violate our humanity, our personhood; our very existence.  In our relationships, when an aspect of a person doesn't resonate with us, we don't negate the entire person, instead we consider their light, because it may be present in our lives as a catalyst for our growth, or it may be there to show us just how much we've grown.  With each challenge, the wisdom of the heart grows stronger.

Grounded in Divine Power, we seek a direct way of living that supports a path of thriving in oneness with all living beings. We are the power of change. It happens within the heart and expresses outward as we dance the rhythms of our Soul.

In any moment, wherever we are, may our expanding hearts continue to raise our consciousness and illuminate our true magnificence! 
Sow seeds of LOVE!! 

  "... you are entering the new calendar year more authentic, allowing and aligned with the new energies of 2019. Since 2019 adds up to 12, which then adds up to 3, 2019 serves as a time of deeper spiritual integration as your human self, soul, and the Universe come into balanced grounded harmony through the power of 3, which is the number of the Holy Trinity.

2019 is where our deepest soul's essence and highest life purposes emerge in awareness with synchronistic support from the Universe to bring our dreams to life.

Your role, of course, is to keep loving yourself, not because there are so many things left to clear but now to allow your self-love practice to expand your field and refine your alignment with the higher waves of energy that we used the past few years to become more familiar with a higher vibrational level." 
                                       ~ Matt Kahn

"With the opening of the New Year, all the closed portals of limitations will be thrown open and you shall move through them to vaster fields, where your worthwhile dreams of life will be fulfilled."
                                  ~ Paramahansa Yogananda

We are BIRTHING our TRUE selves now...take yourself gently into your arms...and tell yourself the TRUTH of who YOU are...YOU are a Magnificent, Powerful Soul...God in form. Nurture yourself, treat yourself like the Divine Being you are...look deep into your eyes and fall in LOVE with YOU...the real you...and celebrate your very existence on Earth.
                                  ~ Faith Spina

Honoring the Humanity we All Share!
OneLOVE, Rev. Barbara

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Angel Message

It is time for your life to flow with prosperity, love and success.  You draw from the limitless Universal pool according to your belief in how much you deserve. Angel wisdom is reminding you now to believe in yourself and trust that you deserve more Then you will attract abundance and the true riches of life. To feel surrounded by love, open your heart to others.  Choose to do what fulfills you most and the Angels will bring you joy, satisfaction and success. Embrace your prosperity by receiving graciously, giving out willingly and saying than k you for everything.
Enjoy all you have and more will come to you.

I deserve love, prosperity and success!
Divine Love, flowing through me blessings and increases all that I give and all that I receive!

Divine Mother, 
Queen of the Angels