Winter 2018 Newsletter
2018 has proven to be a year of incomparable achievement for NDF! In addition to coordinating scientific strategies, hosting an impressively attended Symposium at UCLA in August, bolstering programs for our patient community, and being invited to present at prestigious industry related conferences worldwide, we are most proud of NDF's most successful gala to date. See pictures of 2018 events here.

W e have worked hard to qualify for, and earn a matching grant of $2.5M  from a private, non GNEM related foundation who has chosen to work with us because they believe in us, our strategy and our science . Learn more about the grant here.

While raising the matching funds is a lofty goal, we believe through a combination of multi-year pledges from high net worth donors, grants from a handful of smaller foundations and the generosity of our patients and their friends and families, that we can meet this goal so the opportunity of receiving this grant will not be missed. 

We are excited to announce that we have already raised approximately $1.7M in 2018 and are currently working hard to raise the additional $ 800k needed to reach our goal. Given where we are now, we really do believe that, with help from all of you, we can be even more successful in 2019.

As part of the $2 million in clinical research we have funded to date, we have already begun work in the process of Gene Therapy with Whole Genomic Sequencing pre-clinical studies in tandem with our Scientific Advisory Committee, our Scientific Directors, NIH and Perkin Elmer. We have pulled together the best scientists and GNEM experts all over the world to ensure the greatest potential to succeed. In keeping with our strategy for our best chances at getting funding for Gene Therapy all the way to market, we are talking to several biotech companies who have shown interest in collaborating with us.

All of us at NDF thank you for your participation and support this past year and wish all of you a happy and healthy 2019.

Lale' J. Welsh

Watch NDF's Mission Come To Life
2018 Year In Review
See photos from the event here.
Gala for GNEM with the support of Women Artists is a big win for all!
Our Gala for the Arts saw over 450 attendees, and many viewers through our live-stream. Through the event, we were able to raise just over $1 million towards our goal of $2.5 million, making for a total of $1.7 million raised so far through grants, sponsorships, donations, and pledges. This means we are only $800k away from our goal! Help us reach our goal. You can still donate now .
Scientific Research Efforts

In tandem with our impressive consortium of international scientists and industry partners, we continue to support the work of the NIH through gifts earmarked for ManNAc, the closest potential treatment for GNEM patients, with plans for Phase 3 in 2019. Stay tuned for clinical trial updates here.

Our preclinical studies for Gene Therapy continue with the support of our team at Yale and our Scientific Advisory Committee. Stay tuned for results of our Whole Genomic Studies and other efforts in 2019!

Challenge Grant Status

NDF has achieved a near-impossible goal in the world of rare diseases: a $2.5 million challenge grant from a local, private foundation to support NDFโ€™s goal of developing gene therapy for GNE Myopathy. We are just 800k away from funding gene therapy for the GNE Myopathy community! Learn more and see how you can make an impact here .

A big thanks goes out to all who made this possible, including our Philanthropist of the Year, Mr. David Dahl, photographed above with our first patient, Jennifer.

5th Annual Symposium on GNE Myopathy
Our Symposium continues to grow.
Patients, family members, caregivers and scientists from all over the world attended the 5th Annual Symposium on GNE Myopathy at UCLA this year. The Symposium was shared live online and reached more than 17,000 people.

See photos and sessions from the event here .
International Certified Patient Advocacy Program
NDF is proud to enlist dedicated GNE Myopathy patients from around the world to assist us with our mission of patient advocacy worldwide. Our Certified Patient Advocates (CPAs) speak many languages and are therefore able to reach out to more patients (and potential patients) in their home countries on behalf on NDF to introduce them to our community and resources. These CPAs are committed to help NDF in our efforts to bring programs to patients and families in their respective countries. Their mission is aligned with the NDFโ€™s goal to enhance the quality of lives of GNEM patients and their families. L earn more about our CPAs here .
Patient Day in Turkey
With the support of the NDF, our CPAs host Patient Days in their respective countries. Pictured above is a Patient Day held in the UK, also pictured are Patient Days held in Turkey and Italy! Because of events like these, hundreds of people across the globe have learned more about GNE Myopathy.

Learn more about past CPA Patient Days here.
GNEM Patient Meeting in Italy
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