December News & Updates

A Message from our President-
Benni Versaci, LCSW

As the year comes to an end, we want you to know that we are thankful for you and honored that you have chosen Spectrum CMC as your Support Coordination agency. We love what we do and are happy to be on this journey with you. In the year ahead, we are looking forward to educating you more with a webinar series that will update you on various topics so that you can get the most out of your Support Coordination experience. We welcome any suggestions on topics. We are in the business of coordinating resources, so we are constantly looking for things through the waiver and in the community that will help make life easier for the individuals and families we serve. Did you know you may be able to access Uber for transportation through your budget? Or get a new ipad loaded with the software you need? Yes, these are some things that can be accessed. Speak to your Support Coordinator to learn how.

As you know, if you are enrolled in the Community Care Program or the Supports Program through the Medicaid waiver, you are required to enroll in one of the 5 Managed Care Organizations: Aetna, Amerigroup, Horizon, United HealthCare or Wellcare. In addition to the many services and programs offered through the CCP and Supports programs, the HMO’s provide many services that may be helpful. We have outlined this information below. 

HMO Resources and Benefits

Health Rewards Program - incentive program offering members a $15.00 gift card for completing the following medical screenings:
  • Adolescent Well-Care (ages 12-21)
  • Mammogram - Breast Cancer Screening (every year from age 40-74)
  • Cervical Cancer Screening (pap test) (starting at age 20)
  • Lead Screening (ages 0-6)
  • Postpartum Care (21-56 days after having your baby. C-section may require two visits)
Members do not need to sign up for this program. Gift cards will be sent automatically 8-10 weeks after the provider submits claim for the service. Must be a member for one year before being eligible. 
Free Cell Phone Service- Members can get a free Android smartphone and NJ Assurance Wireless Lifeline cell service, which includes:
  • Unlimited Texts
  • 350 Voice Minutes Each Month
  • 2 GB data each month

Has a variety of Value Added Benefits (VAB) that can be accessed through the website,, or through the member services number, 800-600-4441.

Healthy Rewards Program: Over the Counter Benefit (877-868-2004) – offers a healthy rewards card for completing certain medical screenings. Card can be used to purchase various hygiene products and over the counter medicines. Card is a refillable debit card, $15.00 per quarter. Card can be used at Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, Dollar General, and Family Dollar. Register for the card through the website or by calling member services. Reward card will be sent 90 days after doctor submits claim for service. Screenings for eligibility include:

·          Pre-Natal/ Post-Partum visits
·          Lead screenings under age 2
·          Diabetic screenings, including diabetic eye appointments
·          Eye exams

Safe Link Cell Phone Service (877-631-2550) – Members can receive a free smart phone and cell phone service through the Safe Link Cell Phone Program. Call to register for the program. Service includes:

·          350 minutes with bonus 200 minutes upon enrollment
·          1 GB data
Additional Benefits for Babies/Mothers (800-600-4441) – Members can receive free items by completing certain medical screenings. Eligibility and screening requirements vary by what item is requested, e.g. post-partum exam for baby supplies, well visits for children’s items. Items include: strollers, booster seats, car seats, potty-training seats, hypoallergenic pills, and diapers.

Health Education Classes and Community Events – sponsors workshops, family fun days, and health education events. Events can be found on the web site under Member Services or by calling 877-453-4080.
Benefits depend upon the type of plan and members must provide their ID number to determine for which programs they are eligible. Programs include:

Safe Link Cell Phone Service – to apply call 800-682-9090.

OTC reward card – Offered to members for completing the following health screenings: colonoscopy, mammogram, bone density, diabetic eye exam, and FOBT screening kit.

Gym memberships – Offered only to Horizon NJ Total Care members.

Horizon Health Journey Line/Keeping You Healthy Program – 1-844-754-2451.
Community events and announcements are posted on the Horizon website and sent to members in mailings and newsletters. Website link: – member support tab – updates and announcements.
United Health Care
Additional benefits are available only for those enrolled in the UHC Dual Complete Program. These are people with both Medicare and Medicaid. Benefits are part of the plan and there is no need to request or register for these benefits. Benefits include:
OTC Network Card- pre-paid debit card. Every three months members receive $300.00 in credits loaded onto the card. Credits can be used to purchase health-related items including oral care, eye and ear care items, pain relievers, cold remedies, vitamins, thermometers, blood pressure monitors, and other items.
Health Products Benefit – Members receive $225.00 in credits every three months to purchase health products through the FirstLine Medical catalog. The products are delivered directly at no extra cost.
Personal Emergency Response System – installation at no cost and no copay for monitoring.
Meal Program – Meal delivery service available after a hospital stay. Will deliver up to 42 meals in a 21-day period. Benefit can be used two times per calendar year. Meals must be ordered by a provider.
Fitness Benefit – Members can receive a confirmation number to bring to participating gyms for gym membership costs.


Offers a Community Connection number staffed by peer coaches who can connect members to financial resources and community services. Accessed by calling 866-775-2192 . Can link to services including:
·          Financial Assistance (utilities, rent)
·          Medication Assistance
·          Housing services
·          Transportation
·          Support groups
·          Food assistance
·          Affordable childcare
·          Job/education assistance
·          Family Supplies – diapers, formula, cribs, and others

Additional General Resource: HealthCare Central Store – Community service agency that can help people with NJ Family Care (Medicaid). Staff can answer about programs, benefits, provide help filling out applications for benefits, provide assistance with finding providers, and education on benefits and renewal process for NJ Family Care Medicaid.
Host monthly community events and do monthly food give-aways the last Thursday of every month between 1:00-5:00. First come, first serve, one bag per family.
Offers a Life Skills Group run by a licensed social worker on topics such as stress relief, healthy eating, self-care, and coping with chronic medical conditions. Groups held every Monday from 12:00-2:00 at HealthCare Central Store.
Located at: 48A Jones Street, Newark
                    Hours- Mon-Fri, 10:00-6:00

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