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An amazing video has emerged of a quadruple amputee doing a 'glamorous' cheetah makeup tutorial for Halloween. The footage shows  Kaitlyn Dobrow, 22, using a series of makeup products to create a full face makeup.

(WJBD) One amputee took a page out of a fairytale this Halloween.

Josh Sundquist, who had his left leg amputated after being diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer at the age of 9, is dressing up as Lumière from "Beauty and the Beast."

A photo of the Santa Monica, California, man as the animated candlestick is now going viral online. In an  Instagram caption , Sundquist wrote, "Want to see my #HalloweenCostume? Be my guest." 

Sundquist, 32, told ABC News he's been brainstorming his Halloween costume for about three months. He keeps a running list of ideas on his phone.

The motivational speaker gets help from his assistant, Lisa McLaughlin, to create his costumes each year, which have gone viral before.  See more. 
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11/3/16 Walnut Place
Transtibial Prosthetics

11/10/16 Medical Center of Plano
Lower Extremity Orthotics: Part Two

11/17/16 Walnut Place
Lower Extremity Orthotics: Part Two


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Prosthetics & Orthotics for Therapists

The purpose of our Prosthetics and Orthotics for Therapists™continuing education course series is to provide continuing education credits for therapists in Texas by presenting courses on various aspects of upper and lower extremity prostheses and orthoses.
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Lower Extremity Orthotics Overview - Part One - Steven Molina, CPO/L
GREAT COURSE! - 09/06/2016
Lower Extremity Orthotics Overview - Part One - Steven Molina, CPO/L
Good job. Thanks! - 09/06/2016
Prosthetic Series 
(Courses are taught in the following order)
1. Prosthetic Overview 
2. Transtibial Prosthetics 
3. Transfemoral Prosthetics
4. Prosthetics & Dermatology
(and more!)

Orthotic Series  
(Courses are taught in the following order)

1. Lower Extremity Orthotics Overview: Part One
2. Lower Extremity Orthotics Overview: Part Two
3. Upper Extremity Orthotics: An Overview
4. Spinal Orthotics: An Overview
(and more!)
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