July at One.

Welcome to summer, as we celebrate our country's independence this month, we hope you find time to slow down and enjoy the outdoors, recharge your batteries and enjoy this period of relative rest and relaxation.

You will find this month's newsletter filled with ways to boost your mental and physical health as we navigate these hotter, drier months.

We hope you find time to read through our newsletter and pick out the things that interest you or share them with your friends and family as tidbits that may help. When we hear from you that you passed something on, it is truly our biggest compliment.

As always, we know how busy everyone is and we try our best to make this newsletter both informative and enjoyable. This month is packed again with tons of the latest health information and local events happening in our town. We love to hear from you about what you have taken away from your read!

Yours in Wellness,

Jennifer and Christina