Michigan Jump$tart Coalition wants to take time this month to thank our community during Financial Literacy Month. We know it has been a challenging school year with so many unknowns being virtual, in-person, or a blend of the two.

We know that many of your are feeling the fatigue of being online or being in another Zoom meeting. We are right there with all of you as we have been navigating the pandemic.

We are working to find ways to safely connect with you as we move forward that is not 100% virtual. Below you will find resources that can help you and your students in and out of the classroom build more confidence with your own money story.

We have been hearing from many of you and a topic of discussion has been "Paying for College." We have created some resources below to help answer some of those questions that focus on scholarships. Note that Michigan Jump$tart Coalition's own annual student scholarship application portal will launch on April 15th! See associated section below.

Again, thank you for being part of our community. We hope all of you have a wonderful month ahead.