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First Probate Loans manages the probate financing process for short-term loans to trusts and estates, post-property distribution loans, and distributions of trusts and estates. The company specializes in resolving challenging and difficult problems related to title reports. The company provides complimentary property profiles, recorded liens and last vesting deeds, upon request.

The following examples illustrate the firm’s highly specialized expertise in assisting fiduciaries, and its reputation for resolving challenging and difficult problems.


·       Property Tax Reassessment Strategy Loans to Keep Low Prop 13 Tax Basis (including Prop 19 Restrictions)

·       Court Ordered Trust and Estate Loans to pay expenses of administration and assist in closing

·       Court Ordered Receiver Loans

·       Entity loans to LLCs and Corporations 

·       Short Term loans to provide liquidity for Businesses, Households and other entities

·       Paying for conservatorship costs



Including Practical Tips for Non Pro-Rata Distributions to Avoid the Property Tax Reassessment Event

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