A Note from Scott and Marsha
April 9, 2020
We hope this finds everyone healthy and well hydrated like your plants. Crazy, I tell you. Crazy times. As we continue to operate under these circumstances, we are completely out of the box around here. From curbside pick-ups and delivery in the garden center to continue providing outdoor services to our clients, we continue to roll hard with positive attitudes and teamwork. Like they say about raising kids in a village, it takes a village to do what we do. And our village is incredible. It's been challenging to say the least, but we are grateful to work with an amazing group and for amazing clients.  

Can we ask you to do us a favor? This isn't for Scott and I. This is for our team. Encourage. Small notes, shout-outs, waves out the window. Anything that comes to your mind that would lift their spirits is always welcome. Now more than ever, we should all be scattering kindness everywhere we go. If you aren't .... well .... I'll think on what would be politically correct to say.

For the last several weeks, the lyrics and song, "Springtime" by Chris Renzema, has been my anthem, especially now. I was painting our bathroom a few Sundays ago and this song showed up in my Spotify. I had never, ever heard it before. By the end, I was crying. If you have not heard it, it's beautiful. I start my morning with this song frequently.  You can listen to it here.   It says ... 

You're the resurrection
That we've waited for
You buried the night
And came with the morning

You're the king of heaven
The praise is yours
The longer the quiet
The louder the chorus

We will sing a new song
'Cause death is dead and gone with the winter
We will sing a new song
Let "hallelujahs" flow like a river
We're coming back to life
Reaching towards the light

Your love is like  springtime
You're the living water
God, we thirst for you
The dry and the barren
Will flower and bloom

You're the sun that's shining
You restore my soul
The deeper you call us
Oh, the deeper we'll go

We will sing a new song
'Cause death is dead and gone with the winter
We will sing a new song
Let "hallelujahs" flow like a river
We're coming back to life

Be encouraged.  Get outside and plant. Spring is not cancelled. And however you add green to your life whether online ordering or stopping by our open-air garden center, remember one thing please.   Be a wild flower in the wind. Scatter kindness.  Happy Easter.  
Friends, we wanted let you know that we fall under the essential business category and will remain OPEN for your convenience. We also remain committed to the idea that being outside and gardening is such a great way to relieve tension and anxiety during this time. Bringing green home right now might be just what you need to enjoy your space, since we will all be spending a lot more time there in the coming weeks. We are very aware of the concerns related to this virus and take them very seriously. For more information regarding how we are taking measures to protect our employees and customers, please CLICK HERE .
Spring around here is busy enough, am I right?! Truck deliveries (sometimes 3-4 a day), watering, pruning, arranging, ordering, helping customers, planning, etc. If that isn't enough, let's throw in a global pandemic and sprinkle in curbside ordering for the first time....AHHHH! Needless to say, we are swamped!
With that said, please keep in mind that we are limited on how helpful we can be by phone and social media. Be patient...do some research, browse our blog or past newsletters . Our website has amazing and helpful information on gardening, planting and tips for lots of things you may be wondering about. And use "the google"...you'll read for DAYS. We will get past the crazy of today and things will return to somewhat normal.
Thanks for your patience as everyone is navigating this ever-changing world. We don't need a time machine here. We need a clone machine. LOL!
We are now offering curbside pick-up and delivery (we have always offered a delivery option, by the way) !!! You can check out our inventory online here , place your order from the comfort of home and pick-up curbside or have it delivered! Delivery within 10 miles is $35, 11-20 miles is $50. We can't wait to serve you in this way!
YES! It's true! Tropicals have arrived and are waiting to go home with you. Hibiscus, Mandevilla, Eugenia, Pennisetum and MORE! Tropicals are from tropical areas, so they love the heat. This is why they are considered annuals in our area--they just can't handle the cold. Speaking of which, if you do beautify your garden with tropicals, when the temps drop below 50 degrees (LIKE THIS FRIDAY NIGHT), you will want to bring them inside. Wait to plant them in the ground until after mid April (at least)!
Hostas are the queens and kings of the shade garden. There are so many varieties to choose from--and we have quite a few! Some grow big, some stay small, but they're all gorgeous in their own way. One particular variety we wanted to feature is the 'Praying Hands' Hosta. The foliage resembles hands in a praying position. And in these times, you especially enjoy a reminder of prayer. We featured some of our favorite dwarf varieties on our Facebook page, so check it out!
The fragrance of the lemon blossom will delight your senses. And better than the blossoms? Before too long, you'll have fresh lemons you can pick directly off the tree in your home! Keep your lemon tree inside in a spot with bright light, or on a covered porch or patio. Just like tropicals, you should bring your lemon tree inside if the temperatures fall below 50 degrees. When life give you lemons...what better time than now for lemonade?
April is the perfect time to schedule a consultation for landscape design. Are you dreaming of a landscape that is easy to maintain? A beautiful paver patio to entertain friends? A solution to the unlit and dark spaces you have? All of the above? Schedule a consult today! Our designer can come to your home and maintain safe distance or even speak to you over the phone as he walks your property. For more information and to schedule a consult , visit our website !
Due to our current situation, we are putting all classes and workshops on hold until further notice. If classes are canceled and included a fee, a full refund will be issued. We will notify any participants of these changes well in advance.
We have so many herbs in stock right now! One we love is scented geranium . If you aren't sure what scented geranium is or how to use it, you will want to read this post !

Planting tomatoes soon? Don't miss this post on Growing Tomatoes . We have many varieties of tomatoes in stock in the Garden Center now! So get your planting on!
We post daily to Instagram @fgsdurham (Garden Center) and @fgslandscapes (Landscape and Lawn Maintenance) and Facebook to keep you up to speed with the latest information about what we are up to, what's in stock, or all the fun we're having!
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