April 5, 2024

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Happy April from STEMinist! In this issue you can learn all about our upcoming events and programs, STEM on the Web opportunities, Earth Day excitement and more!

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Applications for the 2024 Exelon Foundation STEM Academy close April 11th!


Love hearing all about the Exelon Foundation STEM Academy? Now is your chance to apply!

Applications are officially open from now until April 11th, 2024.

The Exelon Foundation STEM Academy is a free, week-long in-person event. Learn from women working in STEM and business leaders. Visit energy facilities, explore sustainability, energy efficiency, renewable energy and climate change!

For more information about the Exelon Foundation STEM Academy, please visit: Exelon Foundation STEM Academy (exelonstemacademy.org)

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Chicago In-Person Event

Kadeya Tour 2024

Saturday, April 28, 2024

2:00-5:00pm CT

Join us and Founder and CEO of Kadeya, Manuela Zoninsein for a tour of the Kadeya facility. Manuela originally introduced Kadeya to the Exelon Foundation STEM Academy back in 2022 when she spoke to our participants about her journey and what Kadeya is all about.

Participants will have the opportunity to meet employees in different fields and ask questions as you learn more about their goal to revolutionize one bottle at a time, demonstrating how even simple actions like drinking water can ignite profound change!

Register here!

Total Solar Eclipse - April 8th!

Everything you need to know about the Eclipse!

Join NASA experts on April 8th for a live broadcast of the total solar eclipse!

This is a rare occurrence to see and be a part of but it's important to view the Eclipse safely.

Click the link to learn all about ways you can prepare , when and where you can watch this and what you can expect!

Click here to learn more!

Everything Earth Day!

Learn about The History of Earth Day

The first Earth Day was celebrated on April 22 in 1970! Since then, there have been many changes in what the significance of Earth Day means and how it is celebrated as we know it today.

According to the Earth Day Network (EDN), more than 1 billion people are involved in Earth Day activities, making it “the largest secular civic event in the world."

Click the link to learn more about what Earth Day means and how it has been celebrated since the beginning!

Click here to learn more!
Click here to watch!

Unpacking Climate Science | StarTalk 101

Learn all about Climate Science in preparation for Earth Day with Neil deGrasse Tyson, Bill Nye, and more!

Learn about difference between climate and weather. Explore the last ice age and what has changed since then.They discuss solar energy, the impacts of changing fuel sources, and how overpopulation is not the danger we once thought it was. What steps can we take to combat global warming?

Click the link to watch the video and learn about the impacts we have on our climate!

Meet the STEM STAR of the month!

Emily Curran

This month we're delighted to spotlight the exciting achievements of Emily Curran, an academic scholar who has shown positivity and the excitement to constantly keep learning.

Emily is an alumna of the 2020 Exelon Foundation STEM Academy and more recently was a 2022 Exelon Foundation Scholar. Emily has also remained involved with the STEM Academy through numerous STEM Days and various programs such as our Mentorship Program and as a STEM Academy Ambassador.

An excerpt from Emily:

!Hola! For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Emily Curran, and I am a 2022 Exelon Foundation STEM Academy Scholar. Currently I am a sophomore at Villanova University studying computer engineering with minors in computer science and business. Unlike many other college students, I have been fortunate enough to continue my studies this semester in Madrid Spain!

The Exelon Foundation, NEED, and Villanova have continuously supported me as I prepared for and began my journey across the world for a semester. During my first months here, I have been granted the opportunity to travel across Europe, improve my Spanish language skills, and become more internationally aware, all while taking courses that will help me complete my engineering degree. In just the first few weeks, I have traveled to Zurich Switzerland, Budapest Hungary, and Paris France as well as Spanish cities such as Segovia, Avila, Córdoba, and Toledo.

My many travels and my assimilation into Spanish culture have taught me invaluable lessons not only about the world but also about myself. I have been able to grow as an individual in my organizational, planning, and leadership skills, better preparing myself for the trials that are sure to confront me following graduation.

I am unbelievably grateful for not only the financial but also the personal support the Exelon Foundation has given me and am enthusiastic to see what adventures are waiting for me during the rest of my time abroad, during my internship with ComEd this summer, and when I return to Villanova’s campus in the fall. 

STEM on the Web!

The science behind dyeing Easter eggs

Have you ever wondered what is really happening when dyeing your eggs? How does the color stay and what is the science behind it all?

Click to watch a short video from Britannica that focuses on the chemistry going on behind the scenes when your eggs begin to change colors.

Click here to watch!

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