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What Kids Starting Jobs Should Know About Taxes
An Age to Remember: Quick Tips
Employee or Independent Contractor?
Business Owners Beware: Scammers Are After Your Data
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May 10
File Form 941 for the first quarter if you timely deposited all required payments.

June 15 
* Individuals living outside the U.S.: File Form 1040. For automatic 4 month extension file Form 4868 and deposit estimated tax.

* Pay the second installment of 2018 estimated tax -Use Form 1040-ES.

* Corporations: Deposit the second installment of your 2018 estimated tax.

May 2018

School's almost out, summer birthdays are ahead, and that independent contractor you rely on may be more of an employee. These are all potentially tax-relevant scenarios, for which we offer some tips. 
What Kids Starting Jobs Should Know About Taxes

So you're thrilled that your 15-year-old got a summer job working at the local pool's snack bar. But what tax forms should he fill out? > Answers here
Tax birthday

An Age To Remember: Quick Tips

Your child's 13th birthday. Age 27. Age 55. Those are just a few key birthdays that can have an impact on your taxes. To find out when the child care credit is no longer applicable, when you additional IRA contributions are allowed, and more, READ THIS!
Employee or Independent Contractor?

The IRS looks at the distinction closely. Given the penalties for misclassification, a quick review might be helpful. > Take the test
Business scamming
Business Owners Beware: Scammers Are After Your Data

Compare 10,000 potentially theft-related business returns in 2017 to 4,000 in 2016 and only 350 in 2015. > Here's what this means
Need help identifying the correct tax forms your child should fill out now that she has a job? Call our office at 505-984-0646 to schedule your tax appointment.