Since October 18, 1992 . . .
More than 100,000 Clients on Tour...
147 Destination Countries
With the addition of Togo and Benin this season!
97 New Works Commissioned
Multiple nationalities, with the majority
women or people of color
6 International Festivals
Rhapsody, Melodia, Prague Summer Nights, Ihlombe, Serenade, Alexandria Summer Nights
Three Decades of Giving
Millions of Dollars shared around the world
Musical Movements for Change
Launched in 2020 to continue the legacy of giving
126 Concerts in the Secret Garden
Post-Covid since June 2020
"Moving the Music, Changing the World"
for 30 years!
THANK YOU to our Clients and Friends
for 30 Years of Meaningful Experiences!

Providing Travel, Concerts, Promotion,
Artist Management, Production, Cultural Liaison, Design, Ticketing Agents, and more!
Join us for our fun-filled Gala!
Join us on October 30th alongside many of the top orchestra and choral conductors and CEO's, notable artists, and longtime friends at our 30th Anniversary Celebration!