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Happiness Isn't Found; It's Cultivated
Advertisements. They're on TV, FaceBook, and even the bus bench. They're entirely unavoidable and unfortunately no matter how vigilant we stay, they still have an impact on the way we think. Advertisements tell us that we aren't enough the way we are, that we need that next 'best' thing, to follow this trend not that trend, and happiness is something residing outside of ourselves.

With so much misinformation floating around it turns the true nature of living a life full of happiness into an enigma. We become infatuated with thoughts of having that thing, that job, that amount of money. We tell ourselves that then and only then I'll be happy, but life isn't like an L.L. Bean catalogue. As we all know.

When we're coerced into a place that defines happiness as a 'when' 'where' or 'what', we're stripped of the ability to cultivate our own. In other words, we allow ourselves to get stuck in a mind trap that tells us we're insufficient. That we aren't the source of fulfillment, when in reality we're the one's creating that sense of happiness. We've just chosen that 'thing' or that 'person' to attach our happiness to. Next time you feel as though you're attaching happiness to something external, I encourage you to remember that whatever is 'making' you happy is, in actuality, just reflecting your happiness back to you. The external is never the source.

At YouthZone, we believe that happiness is always within us, regardless of our life circumstance. Our dedicated team of counselors and support staff make it their mission day in and out to show each client they're allowed to be happy. Often times it's just a matter of teaching a client the proper emotional tools necessary in getting out of their own way. In other words we help them identify the block creating that deficiency in self love.

Everyone can achieve fulfillment. Everyone can self actualize. Everyone can connect and grow.
Staff Spotlight:
Cinthia Fabiola Lopez
The days that you walk through YouthZone's doors at our Glenwood Springs office and aren't greeted with a "que pasa", or a quick joke followed by an ear to ear smile, our Administrative Assistant Cinthia isn't in. It's these types of simple gestures that we come to expect, making those moments so easy to take for granted, albeit unintentionally. Then, the days that Cinthia isn't behind the front desk, you realize just how important the role is that she fills at YouthZone. Regardless of what's going on in her life outside the office, this woman exudes positive energy. She even, at times, single handedly sets the tone for our entire office. If you've had the pleasure of meeting this kind soul, I'm sure you'd agree that her friendly outlook radiates to everyone at 803 School Street, clients and staff alike. It's entirely contagious.

Before joining the YouthZone family two years ago, Cinthia was working as a bartender and server at Las Palmas of downtown Glenwood Springs. Working there had its benefits, but after years in the same position she wanted to have a tangible positive impact on the community she calls home. Asking the universe for a more rewarding job, as she put it, was the first step at finding her new home with YouthZone.

She sees working at YouthZone as part of her life's journey, because it affords her the opportunity to connect the Latino and Anglo communities. Specifically, the kids that need her presence the most. Cinthia explained that there was one girl who walked through YouthZone's doors as if she was a shadow. The young girl, evidently, was very depressed and unfortunately abusing drugs to medicate the pain. Over the course of a couple months she transformed into her strongest self; in part thanks to the love Cinthia would show her. To this day the girl still reaches out to Cinthia to say hello from time to time.

To the people who know Cinthia well, like that little girl, she is much more than just an Administrative Assistant. She's the bridge between cultures, one of the only people to know the office like the back of her hand, and someone who's always there for a quick laugh. She keeps the energy at YouthZone cool and calm. We couldn't be happier with such and inspiring woman working our front desk.
YouthZone Ascent
It's already getting to that time of the year! As we prepare for the YouthZone Ascent 2018 keep in mind that we are looking for community members with an interest in sharing their skills to lead our community teams through their projects!

The four locations of teams will be Aspen, Carbondale, Glenwood Springs, and Rifle

Please contact Robin Tolan with inquiries
Embrey Family Foundation

YouthZone is thankful and pleased to announce that we have just received the Embrey Family Foundation grant of $58,000 for our Third Art Mural Project in Rifle to take place this summer! We are in the process of hiring students and art teacher for this exciting event! Stay tuned!

*** Their Website***
YouthZone's WrapAround Program
Over the last two months, YouthZone's High Fidelity WrapAround program completed 28 hours of training over the course of four days. This included a half day dedicated to Trauma Informed Care to better serve the families throughout Garfield County.

For families who may be interested in these services please visit the link below.

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Counseling Services Help
Counseling is a therapeutic practice aimed at showing us that we're entirely in control of how we react to life's twists and turns. It doesn't guarantee that we can control the external, rather it allows us to act from a place of internal happiness.

If you've considered counseling services for your teen in the past, please reach out and connect with YouthZone

Happiness Through Volunteerism
At YouthZone, we believe that giving back to our community is one of the best ways we can create a sense of happiness and connection.

If you've considered connecting your teen with volunteer opportunities, please click the link below.

YouthZone has plenty of volunteer opportunities throughout the month

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Supporting The Community
One very effective way at creating a sense of fulfillment in your life is by intentionally connecting with the community.

At YouthZone we offer Restorative Justice Circles, in which the community comes together to heal after an offense. The harmed party, offender, and community come together to speak on what happened.

By addressing the impacts of crime directly, we're given the opportunity to connect rather than punish and isolate.

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