Cambodian Community Dream Organization, Inc.
Dream Journal ~ October 2020 
International Handwashing Day ~ 15 October
To celebrate Global Handwashing Day and reinforce sanitary recommendations for combating COVID-19, we held a special class at Tapang School on drawing germs on your hands and then washing them clean.
The children were very enthusiastic participants, and we were happy to note that all wore masks without any issue. We count on them to spread their knowledge in their homes and communities. 
Scholarship Students Give Back
Our scholarship students are certainly making us proud by giving back to CCDO. Hoy Sarun, while studying online, is helping our team with the COVID-19 Campaign by distributing free masks and soap as well as instructing villagers on how to correctly wash their hands.

While studying to be an accountant, Mab Mean is helping and shadowing Sophorn Touch, our Administrative Executive, in order to learn the back office secrets of a well-run NGO.

Pictured above : Hoy Sarun & Mab Hean
‘Bounce Back’
Our generous partner TWCCTW (Together We Can Change the World) will conduct a virtual symposium over a 12-week period called Bounce Back Better, Stronger, Smarter and has lined up an impressive array of motivational speakers.

If you feel that you need the added push to get back to business, you can sign up here. Part of the proceeds will go to us and be used to fund more of our programs. 

Rotary Safe Homes
The WASH and Safe Homes projects are going full steam ahead. We are meeting deadlines early and already processing phases 2 and 5. The aim is to complete all 200 houses, 80 wells, and 128 latrines before the end of the year. We’d like to give a shout out to the teams on the ground who are battling heavy rains and trying to complete the job in record time.
The Rotary Club of Japan in Phnom Penh donated $5,000 to support the breakfast program for an additional three months. Arigato for making sure the children are not learning on an empty stomach. Thanks to Steven Swartz of the Rotary Club of Phnom Penh Metro for facilitating the grant.
Together We Can Change the World has confirmed another $5,000 grant to ensure dental check-ups and emergency dental care that will keep the Cambodian children smiling.
SE Asia Foundation has generously committed to donate another $30,000 over a two year period to fund our training of government English teachers in the new district of Prasat Bakong. 41 teachers will be trained, observed, and supervised. The government will add an additional $10,000 to the grant. It is vital that English teachers not only provide good lesson plans laying down a proper foundation of grammar but also develop excellent English pronunciation. 
Staff News
Congratulations to the future parents on our CCDO in-country team! Sothea Phonn and his wife, Pisey, are expecting their first child. Baby number two for our Education Coordinator, Sovoan Sem and her husband will arrive in early 2021.
Ordinary people can do extraordinary things
to change lives, one child at a time.