Speaker Pro Tempore 18th District
Sumner, Trousdale & Part of Davidson Counties
64th Extraordinary Session called
to address COVID-19
COVID-19 has presented complex challenges for our citizens. At the legislature, we have been tasked with trying to thread a needle between personal freedom, business interest, and healthcare interest. I am sure Senate Bill 9014 that passed in the special session is not perfect. However, I believe the General Assembly did a good job striking a balance of all those affected by this legislation.

Link to the bill: Senate Bill 9014

It is my hope that this legislation will not be necessary for long. This law only applies to COVID-19, and if the Governor is able to end the state of emergency due to a decline in COVID-19 cases, this legislation will no longer be relevant. We are heading in the right direction by continuing to get vaccinated, gaining natural immunity, and being mindful of symptoms as they arise.

A few Key Points of SB9014
  • An individual cannot be compelled to show proof of vaccine unless you are not otherwise exempt (ex. healthcare professionals)
  • Retroactive unemployment benefits are now provided for employees fired due to not receiving a COVID-19 vaccine.
  • Children must have parental consent to get vacinated
  • No school or local government entity may issue a mask mandate unless we are in an official state of emergency and there has been a 1% increase for 14 consecutive days. If both requirements are met, the mask mandate can only last 14 days, and then must be renewed by maintaining the two above requirements.

Tennesseans for Student Success
Success Card
I am honored to be in the top rating for the Tennesseans for Student Success Cards. I will remain committed to advocating for resources and programs that put students in the best position possible to succeed.

Tennesseans for Student Success (TSS) released its fifth annual SuccessCard. This is a helpful tool that evaluates members of the General Assembly based on how they voted on key education policies during the legislative session. This year, members were graded by metrics comprised of their votes on five education priorities: supporting an aligned assessmentprotecting accountabilitysecuring economic opportunitychampioning high standards, and innovation in education

The SuccessCard is an easy-access resource Tennesseans can utilize to know exactly where their elected officials stand on the fundamental issues that directly impact Tennessee students.
Constituent Highlight
Gallatin Mayor Paige Brown Named Mayor of the Year

Congratulations Mayor Paige Brown for being named Mayor of the Year by the Tennessee Municipal League.

Every year since 1954, the Tennessee Municipal League has honored a city mayor who typifies the attributes of intelligence, effectiveness, hard work, dedication, and sacrifice in service to their community. Mayor Brown is an asset to the Gallatin community and has helped us maintain the reputation as the "Nicest Place in America," a title rightfully given to us in 2017 by Readers' Digest.

Thank you for your service to the community Mayor Paige Brown.
Mayor Paige Brown with her Mayor of the year award
General Assembly passes transformational legislation cementing Tennessee’s place as a leader in electric vehicle production
A special session of the Tennessee General Assembly closed Wednesday, October 20th after lawmakers approved legislation addressing funding and oversight of Ford Motor Company’s historic $5.6 billion investment at the state’s Megasite in West Tennessee. Ford and SK Innovation are set to build a 3,600-acre mega campus called “Blue Oval City” where the production of next-generation all-electric F Series trucks will begin in 2025.

The Center for Economic Research anticipates Blue Oval City will generate 27,000 new jobs to support the Megasite’s operation, including direct, indirect, and induced new jobs. This will have a substantial long-term economic impact on Tennessee, and we are excited to have them coming to our great state.
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