Speaker Pro Tempore 18th District
Sumner, Trousdale & Part of Davidson Counties
Trousdale County Archaeological Site Visit
At the beginning of December, I had the opportunity to visit a Trousdale County prehistoric archaeological site, which is within the floodplain of the Cumberland River. The site was discovered in 2018 during a survey conducted on behalf of the Tennessee Department of Transportation ahead of an upcoming highway project. During the years of investigation since discovering the site, archaeologists have uncovered many intact cultural features, which will aid in research regarding the area's heritage.

Now that the site has been investigated, construction efforts can resume for the highway project. The area will soon become part of the SR-141/SR-10 connector. This project is currently in the construction plans development phase, and it is set to begin construction in 2023. The project aims to improve the mobility for the SR-141 corridor, as well as improving safety for the many commuters who travel through this area each day.

For more information about the site, a short blog post can be read at: Archaeology and Geomorphological Investigations at a Site on the Cumberland River
Secretary of State grants $4,995 to Sumner County Archives
Senator Haile pictured with Secretary of State, Tre Hargett, Representatives Garrett, Lamberth, and Weaver, and Sumner County Archives officials. Sen Haile and Rep Lamberth are holding a giant check for $4995 to Sumner County Archives from the State of TN.
Secretary of State Tre Hargett, Senator Haile, and Reps Weaver, Lamberth, and Garret listen intently to a Sumner County Archives employee who is discussing the archives.
Senator Haile pictured with Secretary of State, Tre Hargett, Representatives Garrett, Lamberth, and Weaver, and Sumner County Archives officials,
The Tennessee Secretary of State's Office presented a check for $4,995.00 to the Sumner County Archives. The funds were extended through the Tennessee State Library and Archives grant program and will be used to purchase a new microfilm reader, which will improve access to county documents dating back to 1789. I appreciate this investment into our community, and I am glad we will be able to further preserve the rich history that shaped Sumner County.
Christmas Parades
Senator Haile poses with Representative Terri Lynn Weaver and Mike in front of a red antique convertible.
This month, I had the pleasure of attending and participating in many Christmas parades in the district alongside my fellow representatives and local businesses. I always enjoy being a part of these festive events, and I especially enjoyed celebrating 100 Years of the Gallatin Chamber of Commerce at the Gallatin Christmas Parade this year.
Wishing everyone a Happy New Year, and looking forward to continuing to represent you in 2022!
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