March Newsletter
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Update from Our Director
Creating a Legacy with a Transformational Gift

In case you missed it, we had some great news this month! We were one of 84 Habitat for Humanity affiliates (of approximately 1,300 nationwide) to receive a direct gift from Mackenzie Scott. Once we got over the shock (well, we might still be in a little shock) of the $3.5 million gift, we began discussing how to best steward the generous donation. Although it was not restricted in any way, our Board of Directors is discussing options to maximize the gift today and in the future.

We recognize that land development is a priority, land is a finite resource that is becoming exceedingly scarce in our community. We have been meeting with landowners who may have an interest in selling their property to Habitat. Our mission-driven model makes us the perfect match for a landowner who has a vision for what their property may become, especially when that vision includes a revitalization of a community, including affordable housing and being part of this legacy.

We are flexible in our purchasing timelines, which we hope may benefit those seeking tax savings through 1031 exchanges or other strategies. Our goal is to ensure we have property to build on for the next ten years – an estimated 150 buildable lots – throughout our service area of Moore, Richmond and Hoke counties. We have immediate plans to install infrastructure in Hoke (which would have taken several years of fundraising to accomplish before this gift). We are in talks regarding a substantial land purchase in Richmond County. In Moore County, there are multiple areas we hope to purchase and develop to keep our dedicated volunteers swinging hammers and our homebuyers building their futures.

If you know of a landowner who may be interested in learning how we can partner, please send them our way!

Peace and Grace,
Amie Fraley - Executive Director
Greetings All Habitat Staff and Volunteers!
My name is Bill Thompson, and I live on Seven Lakes South with my wife, Terri. I have a daughter, son-in-law, and three grandkids that live on the west side of Seven Lakes. Four years ago, Terri and I moved from Central Maryland to North Carolina to be closer to the grandkids, and we are delighted to be here. I presently work two part-time jobs for USPS as a Rural carrier in West End, NC, and Lowe's Pinehurst Grocery store. I enjoy doing small projects around the house and playing tennis in my spare time. 

I grew up in Western Pennsylvania in a small university town called Slippery Rock. I graduated from Slippery Rock University in 1980 and joined the Navy, where I learned Spanish and had tours of duty in Key West, Florida and Ft. Meade, Maryland. I returned to civilian life in 1990, where I joined Verizon Communications and worked as a Network Engineer, and earned a Masters Degree in Project Management from the New Jersey Institute of Technology.
After that, I joined Home Depot as a Project Manager - At Home Services, where I oversaw installing or remodeling roofing, siding, and windows. Sometime later, I worked as an Auto Damage Adjuster for Geico Insurance Company, but after three years returned to Home Depot, where I worked in one of the retail stores as a Millwork and Flooring Specialist. 

My varied work experiences describe me as a "journeyman." Through a prism of resilience and character-building, I see life, bumping up against reality to discover who I am. This notion of self-actualization became apparent to me very early in my life, and I admit my childhood was not the easiest of times. God has always been with me. While in college, I gave my life to Christ, who shed his blood for my sins. I could leave all my burdens at the altar. Of course, more troubles ensued, but I knew I was walking with Christ with a deeper understanding of His nature and purpose for my life. 

Although I did not learn construction skills until later in my life, they have always been an interest. I remembered talking to "old-timers" in Slippery Rock and was impressed when I learned that many built their own homes, reflected in their well-being. Volunteering at Habitat brings me a similar feeling of helping others realize the dream of having their own home. 

Bill Thompson
Welcome Our New
Hello! We are the Noel family, and we moved to N.C. from Washington state almost three years ago due to unfortunate circumstances. My name is Kaela Noel, and I have primarily been a stay-at-home mom since our oldest daughter Lacie Noel was born in 2015. In 2018, we welcomed our twins, Jaxx & Millie Noel, to our little family! My husband Aaron Noel grew up in Georgia, and after moving to WA, he started his journey in becoming a plumber/ pipefitter. Now he is a local pipefitter for a mechanical company here in N.C.

Unfortunately, I suffer from multiple disabilities, making it impossible to work a steady job. Due to Aaron not having any credit but all the income and I having excellent credit and no income, we have been unable to secure a home loan. That left us renting an unaffordable and unsafe house to live in due to unfixed damages. Thanks to Habitat, our family's dream of having a forever affordable home is coming true with the help of all the volunteers and sponsors that continue to partner with Habitat. We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making this dream that was ultimately out of reach our new reality!
Habitat Home Dedication in Hamlet

Please welcome our newest homebuyer, Mark Carlisle, as he moves into his new home located at 106 Rosemont Avenue in the Briarwood subdivision of Hamlet. Mark is our 17th homebuyer in Richmond County.

Special thanks to Enviva, First United Methodist Church of Rockingham, United Way of Richmond County, Freedom Baptist Church, Cole Foundation, and individuals who volunteered on Mark’s home.
Mark Carlisle with Habitat Partners and Volunteers
Commissioner Justin Dawkins, Mark Carlisle,
and Commissioner Tavares Bostic
Business Build Home Dedication
Thursday, April 28th at 6:00 pm
1144 Keyser Street | Aberdeen
Easter has been working at Pinehurst Resort in the housekeeping department for over 20 years and is currently an administrative supervisor. She is a hands-on person who has done all of her 300 sweaty equity hours by herself, the majority on the construction site!
Save the Date
Wednesday, July 13, 2022
Golf Tournament at Forest Creek Benefiting the Habitat Women Build
March Habitat Faith Relations Lunch
Hosted by

Dan Joslin, Habitat Faith Relations Ambassador, welcomed 35 attendees, including 14 pastors. Dr. David Helms, Sr. Pastor of the host church, blessed our meal. Dan asked everyone to introduce themselves and their church affiliation following the meal. Dan next commented on the meaning of owning a home as expressed to him at the build site by Shanetta Strong, the homeowner partner of this 2022 Apostles Build. Read more on this in the Faith Moment below. Following this, Bert Harrell, a member at SPFBC and a significant supporter of Habitat, shared his reasons for being heavily involved with our Mission. Bert also told a hilarious story that had everyone in stitches. Ask anyone present. Dr. Helms then delivered the homily for today’s meeting.  
Dan briefed everyone on our progress for this 2022 Apostles Build, stressing the need for each church to fulfill its commitment to bring out 12 volunteers each build day. Later in the meeting, Dan handed out printed information on recruiting build teams. He emphasized pastoral leadership speaking from the pulpit or lectern, and the need to ask members to participate in this effort.   
Amie Fraley, Director of Habitat of the NC Sandhills gave a review of upcoming home dedications. These are now open to those who wish to attend. Full details are available on our website. Dan wrapped up this portion of the meeting by sharing information on our anticipated 2023 Apostles Build in the community of Addor. 
Faith Moment:
What's in a Mailbox?

During our Pastors and Champions Build Day on February 24, Shanetta Strong, the homeowner-in-progress, beamed as she described her newly installed mailbox as “looking good.” She made sure I realized which post secured in the ground on Keyser Street held her mailbox. “Mine is 1110.” Her expression of joy spoke of her pride in becoming a homeowner. Installation of her mailbox confirmed her status.  

What is experienced with “having your mailbox?” Pride, confidence and hope for our next generation? In Shanetta’s own words, “Security. My forever home.” Shanetta asked me to take a picture of her standing by her mailbox with the framing of her future home in the background; I was more than happy to take l picture with a real camera. I delivered a print to her two days later. She quickly began showing it to others on the build site.         
So, the next time we go to our mailboxes, consider the impact that such an essential item can have on a person. A person without any previous ability to own a home can be transformational, now seeing her mailbox fastened to the post secured in the ground. Her children will now share in this intergenerational leap forward. Your support helps Habitat make this possible through a “hand up.” Thank you for reading these minutes and this moment. 

Dan Joslin, Habitat Faith Relations
April Faith Relations Meeting
Please join us for our Faith Relations Meeting April 20th at 12:00 pm at Full Effect Gospel Church located 109 N. Main St., Raeford. We are looking for community partners and volunteers to advocate for affordable housing.

Did you miss the March's Meeting?
Don't Forget! Pint Night is a Week Early this Month
Tuesday, April 5th
5:00 pm until 7:00 pm
On April 25th at Noon, we will be hosting our Volunteer Appreciation Lunch in the Habitat Parking lot. We will have a food truck and you will each get a ticket for a free lunch! This will be a laid-back social event and we hope you will all attend! Please RSVP and if you plan to bring your spouse so we can account for the number of lunches. 
Krystal Allen and Mary Ortiz
New ReStore Co-Managers  
Krystal Allen
Krystal Allen is from Sanford, NC, resides in Laurinburg, NC, and has an Associate's Degree in Human Services specializing in Substance Abuse. Krystal has enjoyed retail work most of her life, spending a few years owning and managing her independent thrift store. Aside from her love for customer service and sales, she also is interested in numbers, spending years preparing taxes as a hobby. She tells us her biggest accomplishment would be independently and successfully raising a beautiful, well-rounded young lady who will graduate high school this year.
Krystal has a passion for the work she does with Habitat. "I love my volunteers dearly and strive to have a special connection with each of them in some way. Interacting with my volunteers is the highlight of my workday. I am also honored and very excited to be a part of management. We have a strong focus on the structure, organization, and cleanliness of the store and a primary focus on safety and maximization of sales."
Mary Ortiz
Retired Sergeant First Class U.S. Army, Senior Human Resources Specialist. The first and last duty station was Fort Bragg. Tours included Korea, Ft. Carson, Colorado, Iraq, and two tours in Kuwait.

Mother of Two incredible young men. My oldest son David (Staff sergeant on active duty) is married to his wife Rhiannon (Sergeant in the Army Reserves), and they are parents to my grandbaby, Davina Josephine. My son Daniel works for the sheriff's department.
Retail experience includes Bed, Bath and Beyond and a small thrift store I owed for a few years.
Management experience includes Facility Manager for the Fort Bragg Animal control and adoption facility. I am looking forward to utilizing my military leadership and training skills to implement changes throughout the store and cross-train associates to make us a stronger, more efficient team.
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