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Habitat Newsletter
April 2020
From our Executive Director
Providing Comfort in Difficult Times

Habitat isn't a crisis organization, instead our program is designed to be a long-term solution. Our homeowners work for many months to earn the opportunity to build their own home where they can protect their family during a crisis. So in this troublesome time, how has Habitat met the needs of the community? By continuing to do what we do best...

Home construction is still underway. Although we cannot allow volunteers on our site and must adhere to CDC guidelines for distancing and safety, we believe we will be able to complete and sell 2 homes in April.  Both homeowners work in healthcare, and we can’t imagine a better way to say thank you to our local heroes in this field than by closing on their own home. 
For Habitat homeowners who have lost their jobs or have reduced hours, they have been assured they will not be in danger of losing their home. Many of our homeowners work in the hospitality sector, and their jobs are uncertain. We are grateful to be able to continue to provide them with a safe and affordable place to call home while they isolate with their families. Because we have always provided options for our families who are facing temporary financial setbacks, we have tools in place to address those needs already.

We are also taking this time to partner with some of our nonprofit friends who are helping to meet the additional needs of our Habitat families and beyond. We are proud to be sponsoring this week’s meals at The Boys and Girls Club of the Sandhills and have staff volunteering to pack and deliver meals. Members and staff of the B&G Club have spent several days on the build site in the past year. This is a great way to return the favor!

It can be challenging to find safe ways to support our community. We applaud those who have helped meet the needs of those providing emergency services to our community. We will be here when the crisis is over and local families will need housing support more than ever. We hope you will help us to provide that long-term support by pledging volunteer hours or financial support in the coming months. We don’t know what the next crisis may be, but we believe that having a home to call your own is a key to making it through to brighter days. Thank you for your continued support.

Wishing you health and hope!
Meet Habitat Homeowner Geradine Campbell Waddell
Geraldine Campbell Waddell closed on her home July 21, 1995 and charted a new direction for her family.  When she applied for a Habitat for Humanity house, her daughters, Kisha and Walitah, were 15 and 13.   Geraldine said she had fun building her home and learned how to fix things. She worked at Moore Regional Hospital for 15 years as a Physical Therapy Technician.  Geraldine works part time today as a CNA in a local assisted living facility. Walitah lives in Texas with her family. Kisha works at UNC as a Respiratory Technician.  A visit with Geraldine makes us feel cheerful because she always has a smile and friendly comment. When we left she called, "Y’all (Habitat) are still part of my family."

Geradine takes great pride in her Habitat Home and Yard.
Meet Habitat Homeowner Geneva Parker
Geneva Parker’s house was built by volunteers from Emmanuel Episcopal Church and the Village Chapel. Geneva and her 22 year old daughter, Sabrina, who has cerebral palsy, moved into their new home in November, 1995. Geneva was a secretary for naval intelligence at the Pentagon before returning to North Carolina to handle family matters when her father died in 1989. She worked for the Village of Pinehurst as the Deputy Village Clerk. She became a Certified Municipal Clerk after studying with the Institute of Government at UNC, Chapel Hill.  Geneva’s house was the first Habitat house Janet Lowry worked on and Janet and Geneva remain friends. As Geneva says, “Habitat works!” Her eyes twinkle when Geneva talks about her 12 year old grandson, Brynnon, who lives with his mother in Mooresville, NC. We asked her how the neighborhood has changed since she moved in. She laughed and said, “There were so many kids growing up in the neighborhood.  Now they’re grown, and you miss them.”
Habitat Happenings

No one is allowed to poke fun at bankers hours anymore - our friends at BB&T (and likely most other banks) are working round the clock to deliver the PPP (Payroll Protection Program) forgivable loan applications to us as quickly as possible. We have completed and submitted the application, and are now awaiting word on whether we will be able to cover our April and May payroll costs (thus continuing payroll uninterrupted for all staff). We will post any updates as soon as we hear them.  Special thanks to board member, Lisa Fagan- Habitat Board Secretary, who demonstrated her amazing mom-skills by cooking quesadillas as she helped me navigate the portal!!
Volunteer in the Spotlight
Peggy Raney

Peggy Raney grew up in rural Alabama but first got involved with community service far away from North Carolina — in Brussels, Belgium, where she learned about the Habitat for Humanity organization.

In 1986, Peggy and her husband Bob started volunteering with Habitat for Humanity of the NC Sandhills and were instrumental in getting the affiliate up and running. During Raney’s four year tenure as board chair, which began in 1999, she established the organization’s annual fundraising gala and the Restore, which are now among its primary fundraising drivers. She still spends a few days a week working at the Restore.

Peggy, who has volunteered for several nonprofit organizations in Moore County for more than three decades, received the Order of the Long Leaf Pine Award in 2017 and was named Moore County’s Women of the Year in 2018.
We are proud and blessed to have had both Bob and Peggy play such a vital role in the growth of Sandhills Habitat.
Zambia and Haiti Tithe
Beyond the Sandhills

With our local footprint, we strive to go beyond and reach out to the global need of ending substandard housing. With every home we build in the Sandhills, we help serve a family internationally through Habitat for Humanity International’s Tithe Program.

We serve families in Zambia and Haiti. This means that every time you make a donation to Habitat for Humanity of the NC Sandhills, you’re not only helping us to build affordable homes locally, but also in low-income communities around the world. Last year we were able to serve nine families through our tithe with affordable housing at an average cost of $4,500 per house. Your gifts reach far beyond the Sandhills!

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From the Women Build

We appreciate all the effort that each Women Build Committee Member has invested in making our events a success.

Habitat is blessed with so many supporters who attended our fundraising events and made donations that we are ready to build as soon as we get the green light.

Many of you have already signed up and we will reschedule a build day when possible. If you have not put together a team, NOW is the time to do it! While friends and family are captive, ask them to pledge to build affordable housing. Our build days are filled with fun, love and community! Working together with future homeowners and changing the direction of life for that family and future generations is very rewarding. Please join us!

Stay Tuned for Ashley's War Update!
Help us by adding your voice now to tell Congress to act for housing stability. The longer this pandemic and its economic shocks continue, the more the current situation also becomes a housing emergency. Even before the current crisis, far too many families struggled to afford a decent place to live. They are going to need our hand up now more than ever. Congress needs to go further to support those families and nonprofits like Habitat for Humanity that serve our communities
Please email your members of Congress to urge them to continue prioritizing the needs of low-income families and the organizations that work hard to serve them.
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