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Update from Our Director
Aging in Place with Help from Habitat
" Thank you for being so helpful in my heating situation. I have been without heat for three years. I am ever so grateful – may God always bless you for your services to others in need.

Grateful always, Rebecca Boyd
PS Enclosed is my final payment of $25."
New construction is what most people think of when they hear about Habitat for Humanity helping a family. While creating new affordable housing in our community is essential, we are also committed to preserving existing affordable housing by providing critical repairs to elderly and disabled members of our community. Nearly a decade ago, we began meeting the needs of these non-Habitat homeowners who owned and lived in their homes and met our income guidelines. Many need a roof, window, heating system, and septic repair or replacement. Others require a safe way to get in and out of their home as they age. 
Since beginning our Aging In Place program, we have completed over 300 critical repairs for families across our Moore, Richmond and Hoke Counties service area. Letters like the one above are reminders that this is changing lives for local families and allowing them to age in place safely and affordably. Our repairs are assessed, coordinated and led by Jim Parsons. His Habitat heart and years of construction experience have garnered many fans in the community who share their appreciation with us regularly.
Like our new construction program, Aging In Place includes an affordable repayment plan based on income that usually covers about one-third of the cost of the repair. This repayment is financed through Habitat with a 0% interest loan and often looks like Mrs. Boyd’s $25 per month over a few years to help ensure it is within her budget. Each year, we apply for grants to help offset the remaining cost of our repairs. We also team up with other entities like our local governments to collaborate on ways to serve our community. Just this week, we partnered with Moore County to help replace the windows in a home in Robbins where a woman has been living in just one room of her home due to the disrepair of her windows. We are always seeking additional partners to help further this program. If you would like to donate directly to our Aging In Place program, please click the button below and indicate repair in your notes or your preference for your mailed donation. To volunteer with our repair committee, contact Amie at afraley@sandhillshabitat.org. Thank you for building (and repairing) with us!

Peace and Grace,
Amie Fraley - Executive Director
Thursday, June 30th
Doors Open at 10:00am
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Daily donations of beautiful art come into ReStore.  paintings, pottery; other collectibles.
Recently the three beautiful Ben Owen pots pictured; an entire collection of Normal Rockwell figurines and several pieces of Vietri china arrived. You never know what you will find at Sandhills ReStore!
Attitude of Gratitude
Habitat Construction Team receives Gift
Recently Helen Probst Mills, a board member, and her husband Stuart Mills donated a trailer to the Construction Department. The trailer was a much-needed asset due to its capabilities of hauling and self-dumping large loads of mulch and gravel. It also filled the role of dumpster for the job sites.

The downside was that the current fleet of trucks could not haul a trailer of this capacity. We were fortunate to acquire a truck that met the specifications to pull this trailer and the other large trailers currently in use by the construction team. The new truck and trailer have helped reduce the use of contracted dumpsters on job sites. They provide the team with the capability to move larger quantities of materials and supplies to and from these sites.

The new truck will also help extend the service life of the current fleet of trucks by reducing the stress on their drivetrains when hauling heavy loads above their capabilities. 

Our gratitude goes out to both Helen and Stuart!
The Construction Team
New Summer Intern
Ryan "Fin" Fifield is with us this summer as our summer intern in construction. Fin is a current student at Appalachian State as an Architecture major. A native of Aberdeen, Fin has stated he is excited to learn more about how a house is constructed so he can incorporate that into his design concepts at school. Please welcome him!
FirstHealth Volunteers are BACK!
While COVID-19 challenged us, no one endured more than the brave men and women who staff our nation’s hospitals, emergency departments, and intensive care units. Because of them, we remain optimistic about the future and can say that the worst is finally behind us. We are proud to welcome FirstHealth back out to the construction site. Together, we are building safe, decent, affordable homes for qualifing families in our community. 
July Faith Relations Meeting
Save the Date for our Faith Relations Meeting on Wednesday, July 20th at 12:00 pm. Location to be announced, please check our website event calendar for an update or email Dan Joslin. We are looking for community partners and volunteers to advocate for affordable housing.
June Meeting Minutes
Thank you Sacred Heart Catholic Church!
Gary Popson stood in for an ill Dan Joslin. Gary invited Father Forbes to bless the meal. Following the meal, Gary shared information about a recent unrestricted grant from McKenzie Scott. The primary point was that the vast majority of the 3.5 million dollars would go toward land purchases and infrastructure development. More land and more homes accelerate our building schedule, increasing the need for financial backing for new builds. We will need continued volunteer help.

Father Forbes then shared words about his understanding of Habitat's mission and expressed his support for the future. He commented specifically on helping new homeowners to be able to furnish their homes adequately. Stacy Lebak, Director of Communications and Marketing, spoke next and encouraged attendance at the Strong Family's 2022 Apostles Build Dedication on July 6 at 6 p.m. She also talked about the homeowner application process, our Aging In Place program, and the various places available at Habitat where people can volunteer to help.  

Lastly, Dondi Jones, Director of the ReStore, gave a full review of the store's operation. He spoke of the financial support generated by proceeds from the Restore. These dollars provide several new builds each year. Volunteer help at the ReStore is always needed. Hours are flexible, so it can fit most any schedule desired by a volunteer. He also encouraged people to schedule donation pickups online.
June Faith Moment: A Hand Up

We usually tag our header line above with NOT A HANDOUT. Another tag could just as well be TOWARD A WAY OUT. The entire freedom story in Exodus through Leviticus is about leaving slavery and embracing freedom. We recently celebrated Juneteenth, noting the awareness of the end of legalized slavery in this nation. Our mission at Habitat is to build houses that become homes for qualifying families. 

This process allows for a way out of intergenerational dependency on renting, often of a substandard dwelling. Other people find freedom from government housing schemes. The writer has lived in both.

As Joshua looked across the Jordan from the Plains of Moab, he realized God had only given his people the potential to succeed. There was no guarantee. Habitat homeowner partners are only beginning the journey of success when they are selected to purchase a house. Their life's work has prepared them to take on such a challenge. When they sign the guaranteed affordable mortgage, the guarantee is of just that, affordability. Almost all Habitat homeowner partners meet the challenge of paying on and then paying off their mortgage. Crossing their Jordan was just the first step in a journey toward a more dignified life.  

To volunteer, please go to sandhillshabitat.org. Thank you for taking the time to read these Minutes and this Moment. Dan Joslin, Habitat Faith Relations Coordinator; danjoslin2@aol.com; 910-295-1799   
Celebrating Three Dedications in July!
Apostles Build
Shanetta Strong
Women Build
Elise Watkins
Wednesday, July 6th at 6:00 pm
1110 Keyser Street | Aberdeen
Thursday, July 7th at 6:00 pm
1106 Keyser Street | Aberdeen
ReStore Build
Cathy Duncan
Thursday, July 14th at 4:00 pm
400 Fellowship Way | Aberdeen
Did You Know?
Every Homeowner-In-Progress (HIP) attends 11 homeowner classes to help prepare them for the ins and outs of first-time home buyers: cooking, finance, pet ownership, and landscaping are just a few classes. Volunteers like you provide their expertise and design classes that ensure thier success. This month we were delighted to offer landscaping classes taught by a Master Gardner, inclusive of soil testing, plant selection, watering, and where to get free plants. A groomed lawn and luscious landscaping can increase home value when the property looks nice, well kept & inviting!
Bill and Tracy Thomas teach classes for our Homeowner Services program and are ReStore volunteers. Tracy is also a board member and serves on the Homeowners Services committee. She completed her Master Gardener classwork in November and is a lifelong gardener. Having been a homeowner for 30+ years, Bill knows home systems and maintenance are the keys to avoiding expensive repairs and living in a safe home. Bill will be teaching our class in July.

Do you have the insight or talent to share with our homeowners that could help make their journey successful? Please email Christy Brewster at home@sandhillshabitat.org with suggestions.
Limited Tickets Available!
Wednesday, July 13th at Forest Creek
Don't miss the chance to WIN!
The Women Build Committee has put together a fabulous assortment of auction items. Something for everyone!
Meet Tyrone Thomas
204 Volunteer Hours
Tyrone Thomas is originally from Raeford but spends most of his time in Southern Pines. Tyrone works as a Job Coach at Pinecrest High for the Moore Country Schools System and at Pinehurst Resorts, LLC. He is married with two adult sons and two step-children and still finds the time to volunteer at the Habitat ReStore! Tyrone began volunteering six years ago through the Occupational Course of Study (OCS) program at Pinecrest High School while volunteering with the students in the program. He says, "I enjoy working with my students; for many of them, this is their first real job experience. I enjoy seeing them work along with the staff. They all truly enjoy the experience."
Mr. Thomas would like to share this with you! "We are always welcomed and appreciated by the staff at the Restore. They are always patient and kind to give back to the Restore community and the partners they serve."

The ReStore is always looking for volunteers, whether for a couple of hours or days. If you are interested in learning how to change a local family's life by volunteering at the ReStore, contact Krystal Allen at kallen@sandhillshabitat.org.
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