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Board of Directors Meeting - Tuesday, February 5, 7 pm
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January Construction

Clay Electric Foudation
for your generous  contribution and support!  

We appreciate the generous grant that Clay Electric extended to us for the purchase of some much needed equipment for our local affiliate! Pictured in front of our almost completed home on 268 NW Ethelind Ct., Lake City, FL 32055, from Clay Electric and Habitat for Humanity are (L-R): Troy Adams, George Burnham, Larry Lee, John Whitehead, and Monty Stephens.
Still working hard on our partner family home!

March 2018 Habitat Ground Breaking Ceremony
March 2018 Habitat Ground Breaking Ceremony

Who Does It Take to Build a Habitat for Humanity House
Who Does It Take to Build a Habitat for Humanity House

If you and/or your group or organization would like to sign up for a workday or provide meals, please contact us as  info@hfhlakecity.org

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Monty Stephens
Message from Your Chairman 

Greetings all:
Our blessings are many.  Construction on the 268 Ethelind home is rapidly nearing completion.  Clay Electric Foundation gave us a generous grant of $8500 to use for purchase of tools and equipment.  Over the past many years, we have relied heavily on Larry Lee (our master-carpenter) who has provided us with expertise and guidance as well as tools and equipment.  Larry has been "all in" in his support of Habitat for Humanity to the extent "if he has it" we are welcome to use it.   
That is beyond generous.  We feel like family.  
The Clay Electric Grant will allow us to purchase much needed safety equipment of which scaffolding is high on the list.  We also want "two" of everything, so that when one crew is working on one side of the house, another is able to have the same equipment and do the same job on the other side of the house.  Also the day may come when we are building two houses at the same time.  Time will tell.  In any event "tools of the trade" are essential.
We appreciate all of the support for our organization.  We're know we are helping our community and we thank you for your continued support.    
Monty Stephens

Agenda for Board Meeting Tuesday, February 5
Devotion - James Montgomery

Approval of Minutes and Treasurer's Report

Operating Committee Reports (5 min limits)
       Building Committee (Larry Lee/Paul LeClair) 
       Family Nurture Committee (Vanessa George)
       Family Selection Committee (Vic Lantroop)
       Fundraising Committee  (Sheila Burnham)   
       Site Selection Committee (Darrell Hunt)

       Volunteer Committee (Judy Conklin) 
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Comments from Other Volunteers   
Do You Know Anyone Interested in Owning a Habitat Home?

We are looking for families who are interested in becoming owners of Habitat homes in the Lake City/Columbia County area.  Successful candidates for Habitat homes need to be residents of Columbia County and satisfy three criteria:  1) a need for Habitat housing, 2) an ability to repay a no-interest mortgage, and 3) a willingness to partner with habitat.

If you would like to have your group, business, or organization volunteer or prvide lunch for our workers, please email us at info@hfhlakecity.org

Our Vision: A world where everyone has a decent place to live.

Our Mission: Seeking to put God's love into action, Habitat for Humanity brings people together to build homes, communities and hope.