SUPPLIES: JNESO was informed HUMC may be experiencing a shortage of supplies for patient care. When you request supplies, make management aware and document who you spoke to and their response.

BLOCKED SCHEDULE: Contact a Local Officer if you were denied benefit time during the one-week period during either Christmas Day and/or New Year's Day Holidays. 

WAGE ADJUSTMENT: If your anniversary has passed and you did not receive a wage increase, contact a Local Officer.

ANNUAL VACATION ACCRUALS: must be used within six (6) months or the accrual will be forfeited. There will be no balance of accrued vacation time carried over from year to year beyond the six (6) months unless despite more than one documented request, the employee was not granted sufficient time off. BE SURE TO KEEP ALL WRITTEN APPROVALS AND DENIALS FOR VACATION REQUESTS!

FLOAT BLOCKS: In the event floating is necessary, it shall be volunteers, agency, per diem RN and least senior RN on a rotating basis. No nurse will be floated to accommodate an agency RN. Nurses shall not be displaced from their own unit by a floated RN. Staff RNs may volunteer to float outside of specific floating blocks provided they have been cross-trained. PLEASE REMEMBER TO ALWAYS WORK WITHIN YOUR COMPETENCIES!

LEADERSHIP IS LOOKING FOR STEWARDS AND INDIVIDUALS TO FILL LEADERSHIP ROLES: If you are interested in becoming a Steward, contact your Labor Rep. Aisha Harrison (below).

STEWARD TRAINING: FEBRUARY 20th, will be held virtually; if you are interested in attending contact your Labor Rep. Aisha Harrison (below).

CALL FOR NOMINATIONS: KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR A LETTER FROM JNESO REQUESTING NOMINATIONS FOR OFFICERS FOR UPCOMING LOCAL OFFICER ELECTIONS! A letter will be mailed to your home to nominate individuals to serve as officers of our Local. Positions open for nominations are President, Vice President, Secretary & Chief Steward. If interested in being a nominating chair, contact your Labor Rep. Aisha Harrison (below).

STAFFING COMMITTEE & PROFESSIONAL NURSING COMMITTEES: Nurses who would like to participate and are scheduled to work at the time the meetings are held shall not suffer any loss in pay for time spent attending such meetings. If you are interested, please contact a Local Officer or your Labor Rep. to become an active member of the committees.

UNIT-BASED MEETINGS: will resume to discuss your day-to-day issues, questions, and concerns. If you would to schedule a meeting for your unit, contact your Labor Rep. Aisha Harrison (below).

JNESO EDUCATION DAY: APRIL 16th-17th, BETHLEHEM, PA: If you are interested in attending, contact a Local Officer; submit a time-off request to your manager.

CONTRACTUAL ISSUES: Bring all contractual issues to a Local Officer's attention immediately!

CONGRATULATIONS to A. BUEN, M. BRIOSO & A. URBANOZO. Please contact your Labor Rep. (below) to pick up your gift baskets.

COMMUNITY OUTREACH: As we prepare for upcoming Contract Negotiations, look for additional meetings and events in the near future! If you know of any community organization, civic group, religious/church group, please contact Theresa Calhoun with the following contact information: name of the organization, contact person, phone number and/or email. For questions or suggestions regarding Community Relations, please contact JNESO's Community Organizer: Theresa Calhoun tcalhoun@jneso.org | (848) 248-1431.


For other questions or concerns, contact your

JNESO Labor Rep: Aisha Harrison

(800) 292-0542 x127 | aharrison@jneso.org

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