HSLM Happy Tails & Hopeful Friends
January 25, 2022
Happy Tails
HSLM receives wonderful, heartwarming updates from the individuals and families who adopt shelter pets. We love sharing these recent happy tails with you!
"Tundra (we kept the name) has been with us for over a month, and has fairly smoothly integrated into our home. She is absolutely attached to our existing dog, Boris, and they are virtually inseparable. They love to play fetch and tug of war with shared toys in the fenced yard, although there is no comparison between them in speed - Tundra is much faster and gives Boris a good run. 

We're quite glad to have adopted her and know she'll be with us for her lifespan. Thanks to everyone who has been involved in her 'upbringing'. -Tundra's adopters
"Lilly (now Cirilla) has has settled in to her new home so well. She loves playing with toys, and purrs so loudly when getting cuddles! Her favourite spot in the house is the top level of her cat tree, looking out of the front window. 

She and Tofu (our dog) are still learning how to play with her each other, but are fast becoming friends. She and Orson (our cat) are getting along, and will eat treats while being beside each other in the kitchen. -Cirilla's adopters
Hopeful Friends
Most shelter pets are adopted within a short timeframe.
However, sometimes it takes a little longer to find the right fit. Meet three pets who are looking for their perfect match!
I'm Weasley, a 7 year old boy who loves to be the center of everyone's universe. I can be a bit chatty sometimes, how else will you know that I want cuddles and love? I do great with children in the home, it's more people to give me attention.

I will try to insist on going outside, but please only let me out on a leash or cover patio with supervision for my own safety.
Hi, I'm Katniss, a very special 6 year old lady who has stolen the hearts of many at HSLM. I would love a quiet home where I can be the center of attention, as I don't like to share the spotlight with other pets.

Before going home a member of the Animal Health Department would like to speak with you about my daily medication and special diet.
I'm Clover and I'm looking for my new home! I'm a little shy at first so I'm looking for someone who will be patient with me until I feel a bit more comfortable.

Once I am relaxed, my loving and sweet personality shines through.

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