September 10, 2020
Milo post-surgery update!
Milo may only have one eye and three legs, but it hasn't stop him from smiling! 

We are overjoyed to report that Milo's leg amputation procedure was a success and he is now recovering in the care of the Animal Health Team at HSLM. 

This 4-years-old, sweet dog has endured more challenges than most dogs do throughout their long lives. Miraculously, this has not affected his bright outlook on life and friendly demeanor.

The dedicated team at HSLM have been diligently checking and changing his bandages, administering prescribed medications and of course, giving him lots of love and snuggles! He is doing wonderfully and seems to be thoroughly enjoying all of the attention. In fact, he was hopping around and enjoying being hand-fed liver treats just hours after surgery!

Milo’s medical treatment and ongoing care is all thanks to our donors! HSLM does not receive government funding at any level. We would be unable to provide life-saving care and shelter to over 2,500 animals each year without your generous support.

We ask that you consider making a financial donation today to ensure that HSLM continues to be here for the animals that need us tomorrow, by clicking HERE
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