HOT Summer Sale August 2020

How can the summer be more than half over already? Summer is my favorite time in the studio. I throw the doors and windows open and let the sounds of the birds fill the space. Inspired to create a place that is both nurturing and creative for me, but also an inviting venue for sharing; I've added a work table and a comfortable couch for visitors. Designers, fellow artists, clients and collectors let's create together! Bring your china and ideas!

I've also recently added to my Artist Statement. The statement shares what inspires me and elaborates on why I do what I do. You can read the statement here. I'm eager to hear your thoughts

Finally, at the height and the heat of the summer- I'm having a HOT Summer Sale! If you have been thinking of adding one of my pieces to your home, now is the time! Browse the collection here. Please message me for your personal 30% discount.

Thank you for your continued support.

All the best-
With love-
The very best notes to receive. A commission piece for a collector using her Nana's china.
'I just had a lovely surprise at my door today and she is so beautiful. I just can't even tell you how pleased I am, everything, the whole style of it, everything the tiles are just perfect. I can't ask for anything better and I'm just so thrilled with it. I just want to let you know, I can't thank you enough. I'm so excited, the skirt turned out perfect, so pretty, I love those iridescent green tiles for the top, the gold accents are perfect; so , so beautiful. I can't thank you enough, I'm so in love with her, thank you, thank you, I am absolutely thrilled.' Jeanne D.
I've been doing some writing for Look for me under my writing name, Shelly Alisa. What I like about is there are no advertisements. First 5 articles are free, then only $5 a month for unlimited stories. You can sign up for daily emails containing articles on the subjects you select.

Here are 5 from me: 970-379-0928