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March 19, 2024

I have lots to be excited about, and being back and feeling alright is one of those things! Sorry I missed last week’s newsletter (mea culpa!) but I was having great fatigue issues after the heart procedure. As the doc said I would, but I didn’t believe….ah, but he made a believer out of me, like it or not. We’ve probably all been in that position, and learned the hard way that WE are not always in control. Maybe that’s why I felt so happy that I had some extra time to sew while I was at home…I felt in control, for the most part. Plus I got 2 king sized quilt tops done, and one was all Tula fabrics. Happy, happy, happy! I make a jellyroll type of top, but I choose and cut my own strips, into 6” lengths, then sew them together.  It takes 13 horizontal rows of 2.5 total lengths each row, to make the flat part that covers the bed top with about 8” down on each side. Then I make the pillow topper, 5 rows, same length, that will just cover my pillows. VIOLA!!! Easy and fast to make, easy to sew, easy to launder, easy to store on a quilt rack or shelf. Mr. Murfee can jump on it all he wants, wipe his cute little face on the topper, make a nest out of it, whatever, and it pops into the washer easy-peasy, and I can use it as a cover with the quilt when I crawl into bed. And it NEVER smells like Murfee or is full of Murfee hair. And the colors from the Tula are so nice and light and spring-like that I always smile when I see them. Now, that’s a fun way to get over a surgery!!!

Sooo, let’s just say that you’re considering a new or different machine for yourself this spring. You want to make one of those fast jellyroll tops, like I was just talking about. Maybe then you want to quilt it yourself, but don’t want to invest big bucks into a quilting system. Well, come in and take a look at the new Rebel machine from Grace Co. The machine can both piece (on a regular sewing table like any other domestic machine) and then be moved to a quilt frame (maybe even the small tabletop Cutie Breeze frame) and used as a regular quilting machine (where you move the machine and the fabric stays stationary) and you have over 8” by 13” of throat space for quilting. If I didn’t describe it well enough, then stop in and try it out, both on a table and then on a quilt frame. You’ll be AMAZED! The other AMAZING part is the FLASH SALE on the Rebel through this Friday: at just $2499 you save $1,000 on the machine. Add the small Cutie Breeze Frame for a total combo price of just $3199, and you can piece AND quilt a King Sized (or smaller) quilt. 

Such fun! Such a space saver! Such a deal! Plus, if you purchase before 3-23-24, you will also get $500 in free gifts, AKA our FREE Accessory Package of ruler base, ruler kit, needles and threads! So Hot Diggity Indeed. Or maybe you aren’t needing a machine for domestic table piecing and sewing, but you’re interested in quilting your own quilts on your own quilting machine….we can be of service to you there, too. Listen Up: ANY Q’nique or Rebel machine purchased in combination with a frame size of your choosing will get you even BETTER, LOWER PRICES! We can put so many combinations together to meet your desires that you’ll be so impressed that you’ll swear that you must have gotten that pot of gold delivered to you on St. Patrick’s Day. Luck of the Irish, Luck of you!!!

But wait…..BERNINA also has some spectacular March deals blowin’ in for the month. Numerous machines for you to save at least $1,000 this month. Check out our website (www.sunvalleyquilts.com) , or BERNINA’s website, or our in-shop brochures to see which models are especially strong this month for National Quilting Month, and remember that all BERNINA and bernette Presser Feet are still 20% off MSRP this month.  

New fabrics are arriving all the time, and I actually had to tour my own store’s newness this week when I got back to work. I had a private tour! How about that!!! I missed out a week or so, and I missed a lot! But caught up now, I think, to the point where I can tour-guide you through the new fabrics!  And there are some real beauties: check them out at our online shop, then see them in person to be more impressed!

Remember that we are having our special Software V 9 Mastery and Beginner’s Camp this Thursday and Friday. It is a free camp to those of you who purchased your BERNINA software here from us, and there is a charge for those of you who purchased elsewhere. But either way, the information will be given to you for the basics of your software program. We may not be able to have Ramona teaching with us the rest of the year, we’re both sorry to say, so don’t miss this camp. It may not come around again. Cost is $200 for the camp if you didn’t purchase V 9 from us, but will be well worth your investment into learning your program.  

On Sunday, 3-24-24, it’s Palm Sunday, and we will be offering Intro. to Paper Piecing , AKA Paper Piecing Palooza, for you from noon to 3:30. Remember that the following Sunday is Easter , and SVQ will be closed. Our special fabric of the week will be Sports and Games fabrics, at 20% OFF. Give us the code to get the 20% discount on those fabrics, and the code is SPORTS20. And be sure to look for all the new Pickleball, baseball, card and like-themed fabrics that we have in stock for you. We even have Arizona Diamondbacks wideback fabric for you!!! So come on in, look around, share some goodwill, and just enjoy YOUR HAPPY PLACE! Hope to be in touch soon! Have a great week!

Barbara and the Hot Diggity…We Get To Quilt Kids at SVQ

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