FX Thunder H.O.G. E-Newsletter | News from the March Get Together
Sunday Funday Breakfast is March 19
at the Mapleview Restaurant
Be one of the first to RSVP AND attend the event for a free exclusive Harley-Davidson® 120th Anniversary-branded cinch bag.
Just fill out the form on our event webpage (link below) and show us your confirmation email when you check in at the Spring Season Opener.
*While supplies last. Offer limited to the first 35 attendees each day.
Volunteers Needed!
During the Spring Season Opener, customers will have a chance to take a tour of the dealership. The tour consists of Five Stations - and our FX Thunder HOG Chapter will be one! This is a great chance to get more people enrolled in the Harley Owners Group and in our Chapter!!

Looking for 2 Volunteers to help out at the station from 10am till 2pm and from 2pm till 4pm both Friday & Saturday, and two volunteers to grill hamburgers & hotdogs (outside, weather permitting) from 11am till 1pm on Saturday only. If you'd like to help out and have a good time, please email Dawn@FXHarley.com
New Ride Alert
Don Daly has once again come up with a fantastic day ride!! This time the destination is to the National Warplane Museum in Geneseo, NY. Fly in a WWII C-47 for about 30-45 minutes (cost is about $100), or just visit the museum. The ride will also stop at the 3-Legged Pig BBQ!!

Plan on taking the Thruway to get there (about 1½ hours to get there), and then the back roads to get back.

Who's interested in going?? When do you wanna go??
When do you want to ride to the National Warplane Museum?
Sat., Sept. 23rd
Sat., Oct. 14th
Either Date Works for Me
Sorry- won't make it
Here's What's Coming Up in 2023

HDMC’s 120th Anniversary (see below) – July 13-16

Overnight Ride: Almost Heaven (see below) - August 24-27

Reminder: You can always set up a ride using the WhatsApp app!!!
HDMC’s Homecoming Festival & 40th HOG Anniversary
A 4-day celebration for 120 years of the MoCo’s wind therapy & freedom. Expect fun filled days & nights July 13th until the 16th. If you don't already have your hotel reservations and are planning on going, you should be reserving your room quick! Lots of hotels are already booked.

The MoCo has posted their “Rides Home”:

In addition, our own HOG Chapter is planning to ride out- two separate groups are going:
  • Canadian Group: leaving Monday, July 10, taking 2 days to get there. Route will most likely be from here to Niagara (day 1); then through the bottom part of Ontario, crossing back into the US in Michigan (day 2); and then taking the SS Badger across Lake Michigan to Manitowoc, WI, arriving in Milwaukee on the 12th.
  • US Group: leaving Tuesday, July 11, taking 1 day to get to Milwaukee. Route will most likely be from here south to I-90 Thruway, then west through Pennsylvania and Ohio (day 1); then continuing on I-90 through Indiana & Illinois before swinging north to Milwaukee.

Wanna be in on the fun? Let Dawn know you'd like to join the FXT HOG 120th WhatsApp Group.
Almost Heaven Ride 2023
Our own Don Daly has a lot of great ideas for that!!
  • 400 miles each way with overnight lodging about $70 per night.
  • Ride to Shanksville, PA: plenty of sightseeing opportunities with some amazing stuff to see along the way: Flight 93 Memorial, Covered Bridges, Highland Forest and other recommended routes south of Pittsburgh.
  •  Dates are August 24-27

Wanna go? We'll set up a WhatsApp group for those who are going or are interested in going. Just let Dawn know to add you!!
Get the Details at FXThunderHOG.com/Events
and FXCHD.com.
HOG Rallys for 2023 have been announced! Check out the list by clicking the button below...
FX Thunder HOG Ride Challenge for 2023
For this year, we’ll be going to towns with the 1st letter of the name to make up
  • Take a picture of your bike in front of or next to an official town sign.
  • You’ll have to use two different towns for A, D, N, R & T – i.e. Alexandria Bay and Adams.
  • We’ll create a WhatsApp Group just for those in the challenge, that’s where you’ll submit pictures
Remember: this is YOUR FX Thunder HOG Chapter!!! It is what you make it, so make it a good one
What are your ideas?
The main reason our HOG Chapter exists is so that we like-minded individuals who are passionate about motorcycling adventure and Harley-Davidson can get together and have fun!!

To that end, we're always on the look out for new & interesting places to go and things to do!! What are your ideas? What would you like to do? Where do you want to go??

Please take a moment to jot them down in an email, text or on the WhatsApp to Jodi Nicholson (our Activities Officer): jnic3241@yahoo.com
In the HOG Pen
  • Happy Birthday to Van Amyot - March 17, Matt Strader - March 23 & Todd Whaley - March 31!!
  • Are we missing your birthday? Want to be in the 120th and/or Almost Heave WhatsApp Groups? Doing the FX Thunder HOG Ride Challenge? Please email Dawn (dawn@fxharley.com) and let her know!!
FX Thunder H.O.G. on WhatsApp
Interact with other Chapter Members easily and instantly!
If you’d like to join the group, all you need to do is:
  • Go to your smart phone’s app store and search “Whats App Messaging” (look for their green phone logo) and install.
  • Once installed, open and start a chat with Dawn/Irish FXCHD (315-405-7939) -you might have to add her as a contact in your phone.
  • In the chat, let her know your name and that you’d like to join the FX Thunder H.O.G. Group.
  • You’ll see it once she’s added you, and then you’ll be able to reach everybody in just one text, pic, link or whatever else you’d like to share
As Always- if you have ?s, feedback or ideas...
Feel free to contact any or all of your FX Thunder HOG Chapter Officers! We are always available by email, phone and/or through the WhatsApp:

Director & Head HOG: Darryl Sapoff
headhog@fxharley.com - 315-854-1811

Co-Director: Clint Loren
ir1340@aol.com - 315-778-0831

Treasurer: Gabi Hoover
gabihoover@gmail.com - 315-221-0422

Secretary & HOG Manager: Dawn Fontaine
dawn@fxharley.com - 315-405-7939

Activities Director: Jodi Nicholson
jnic3241@yahoo.com - 315-559-3077

Road Captain: Alan Turner
alanturner0058@gmail.com - 315-767-1978