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  Volume 8 Issue 40
September 29, 2023
You're Invited: HMDL Live Lunch & Learn Wed Oct 18 (Virtual Option Available)
We're excited to extend an invitation to you for our upcoming HMDL Live event on Wednesday, October 18th. Join us from 10:30 a.m. - Noon at Alloy 26 (or virtually) for a panel presentation on the latest happenings in the media industry.

Topics Include:
  • Replacing The 3rd party Cookie
  • Privacy-Safe Use Of 1st Party Data
  • The Evolving Video Landscape
  • The Change In Search Marketing
  • AI & NLP In marketing

For those joining us in person, lunch will be provided immediately following the panel presentation. Please be sure to RSVP here before EOD on Friday, October 13th! We can't wait to see you there.
As Podcast Advertising Grows, Brand Lift Data Can Help Brands Demystify The ROI Of Their Spending
Now emerged from a period of exponential growth and business investment, the podcast industry is in a similar place as the streaming industry.

The DL: The podcast industry is experiencing significant growth in terms of audience engagement. A remarkable percentage of marketers lack confidence in their ability to measure the effectiveness of podcast advertising. Nielsen has identified the five drivers of brand lift for podcast advertising, including brand recall, enjoyability, and creative captivation. Advertisers should pay attention to these factors, and understand that their influence can vary across different industries. Connect with Hoffmann Murtaugh today, and our team can help identify all the ways to incorporate successful podcast advertising into your media mix.
Amazon Will Bring ‘Limited’ Ads To Prime Video Starting In Early 2024
The move, which was expected, could further accelerate momentum for an ad sales segment that grew 22% in Q2.

The DL: Amazon is set to start running ads on its Prime Video streaming service in early 2024. The ads will be featured in TV shows and movies on the platform but will have fewer ads compared to traditional TV and other streaming platforms. Prime subscribers will be notified in advance, and they can choose to pay extra for an ad-free version of Prime Video. This move aims to increase profitability by monetizing Prime Video through advertising and appeals to brands wanting to connect with consumers on ad-supported streamers. 

It also reflects the growing trend of streaming platforms seeking to generate revenue through ads in the competitive streaming market. Hoffmann Murtaugh can help your brand market on these streaming platforms as we have direct partnerships with Amazon and other streaming platforms such as Hulu. 
Digital Video Forecast And Trends Q3 2023
Strikes shut down Hollywood and streaming services across the board raised prices this quarter to push users to more lucrative ad-supported tiers.

The DL: In Q3 2023, the video and TV industry saw a decline in ad prices for streaming services as more advertisers joined the market. Netflix increased its advertising efforts, doubling its viewership and holding its first upfront. Streaming platforms raised subscription prices to drive users towards ad-supported plans. Strikes by actors and writers disrupted content production, resulting in fewer new show orders and increased reliance on reruns. Upfront linear TV ad prices declined for the first time since the Great Recession due to inflation, recession fears, and content production disruptions. However, if the strikes are resolved and content production resumes, there could be a potential rebound in advertising demand in the upcoming quarter.
How The Public Defines ‘Influencer’ And More Insights For Marketers
New research from Morning Consult sheds light on this fast-evolving field.

The DL: What marketers think is an influencer and what the audience you are trying to reach thinks is an influencer may be two different things. So, what exactly is an influencer? Well, to better understand this, a report from Morning Consult polled 2,200 Americans and the findings may surprise you. 

Claire Tassin, an analyst from the Morning Consult Retail & E-commerce, yielded some rather intriguing results. Claire Tassin, an analyst at Morning Consult Retail & E-commerce, initially assumed that the public's interpretation of an influencer would closely align with that of marketers. This definition typically revolves around individuals engaged in brand sponsorships, generating income through their content.

However, the report revealed a more straightforward perspective from the public, defining influencers as individuals who create engaging content, share ideas, and offer advice. While the possibility of monetization remained a factor, it did not emerge as the predominant consideration.

This article offers a lot of insights into how the general public defines influencers, but the key takeaway here is that when brands contemplate partnerships with influencers, it's essential to consider how the intended audience defines an influencer. This understanding can serve as a valuable guide for crafting and executing successful influencer campaigns.
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Exciting news - our most recent blog "Unlocking the Power of AI in Marketing: Navigating the Future with Confidence" has been published via the ANA Knowledge partners!

"AI-fueled platforms now serve as innovation hubs, offering a range of opportunities, and within this digital space, there's an immense amount of potential that should be approached with both excitement and caution."

In order to access the article via the ANA, you must be a member! With that being said, ANA members, read here (https://bit.ly/45YIwtG). If you are not a member of the ANA, but you would still like to read the article, please visit here (https://bit.ly/46kTdql).
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