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  Volume 8 Issue 37
September 8, 2023
You're Invited: HMDL LIVE Lunch & Learn Wed Oct 18 (Virtual Option Available)
We're excited to extend an invitation to you for our upcoming HM DL Live event on Wednesday, October 18th. Join us from 10:30 a.m. - Noon at Alloy 26 (or virtually) for a panel presentation on the latest happenings in the media industry.

Topics Include:
  • Replacing The 3rd party Cookie
  • Privacy-Safe Use Of 1st Party Data
  • The Evolving Video Landscape
  • The Change In Search Marketing
  • AI & NLP In marketing

For those joining us in person, lunch will be provided immediately following the panel presentation. Please be sure to RSVP here before EOD on Friday, October 13th! We can't wait to see you there.
NFL Spoofs Scripted Rumors In Star-Studded Kickoff Campaign
“You Can’t Make This Stuff Up” is inspired by pop-culture speculation about the league and whether or not its big moments are planned.

The DL: We are now in the dog days of summer! School is back in session, pumpkin spice is back in stores, and the NFL regular season is less than a week away. Recently, the NFL has faced speculation that the league is scripted. This year they are embracing that with the “You Can’t Make This Stuff Up” campaign, which is set to run throughout the NFL season. The league is listening, and even running with the crazy idea to build interest in the current season. Let’s be honest, the NFL doesn’t need to generate much interest in the league, but this is a fun way to get fans interested and to have a good laugh along the way.
Drone-Based OOH Cleared For Takeoff In Miami
Advertisers should soon have a new out-of-home option.

The DL: A new out-of-home option is on the horizon. A Miami-based aerial advertising company, Sustainable Skylines, is awaiting secondary approval for flying a drone banner over the beach. Not only would this be great for sustainability, but it also offers performance and accountability for advertisers as it requires less fuel, it's quieter, and it eliminates the possibility of pilot injuries. It also offers flexibility and the ability to run more ads, which would enable lower costs to the advertiser. They are also promising better measurement and accountability via onboard sensors, camera footage, and third-party mobile data to enable accurate estimates of the crowds on the ground. They also envisioned using predictive analytics for dynamic pricing, charging based on how many people are likely to see the advertising during a specific time and place. They are planning to pursue more funding and eventually expand to other locations. 
YouTube Is Redesigning The Streaming Experience For Viewers And Advertisers
Built from real-time feedback from thousands of viewers in dozens of markets, these experiments mark another chapter in the streaming revolution.

The DL: YouTube has become a premier viewing platform for smart TVs with YouTube TV. A recent Kantar study showed that over half of the respondents said that YouTube TV is the first app they go to after turning their television on. Because of this data, YouTube is building up its platform to be more modern and bring a stronger streaming experience for viewers and advertisers. Speaking from personal experience, the platform is easy to navigate and integrates well with standard Roku Smart TVs. The ads themselves, to YouTube’s credit, don’t feel as invasive as they do on the standard YouTube app, more akin to traditional television advertising but shorter and less frequent. As an advertiser, the platform is a great place to run CTV, Pre-roll, & standard video ads as it boasts strong impression metrics and engagement. 

With the NFL returning, it’s a great time to start running ads. YouTube TV is one of the few platforms outside of traditional cable that hosts NFL Sunday Ticket & NFL Redzone. With YouTube’s ongoing commitment to building the platform up for both viewers and advertisers, now is the time to get involved.
TikTok Announces New Programming For Fashion Month
September is Fashion Month, with a range of large-scale, industry-leading fashion shows being held across the globe over the coming weeks.

The DL: TikTok is gearing up for Fashion Month, by launching several initiatives running from September 6 to October 3. The platform will feature its first-ever #TikTokFashion Collective, consisting of global fashion creators sharing insights. Dedicated teams will cover major Fashion Month shows and offer on-the-ground insights. TikTok's "Fashion Month Hub" will showcase trends, brand creations, and tailored tabs for specific fashion discoveries. With fashion trends gaining traction on TikTok, this initiative is expected to attract considerable user engagement and provide brands with valuable insights into key fashion conversations. You can access TikTok's Fashion Hub by searching for "Fashion Week" or "#TikTokFashion" in the app.
Around The Town...
🇺🇸 Remembering 9/11 - 22 Years On 🇺🇸

On this day, September 11, 2023, we pause to honor and remember the lives forever changed on that fateful day in 2001. Two decades have passed, but the memory of 9/11 remains etched in our hearts.

As we commemorate the 22nd anniversary, let us pay tribute to the resilience of our nation and the spirit of unity that emerged on such a devastating day. We remember the innocent lives lost, the brave first responders, and the heroes who rose to the occasion.

Though time may pass, we vow to #NeverForget the lessons learned and the strength we found in solidarity. Together, we continue to build a future that upholds the principles of freedom, compassion, and unity that define our great nation.
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