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  Volume 8 Issue 36
September 1, 2023
X Officially Launches The First Stage Of Job Listings For Verified Organizations
After testing it with selected partners over the past few months, X has now officially launched its new job listings element in beta.

The DL: X has introduced a beta job listings feature, enabling Verified Organizations to display job openings on their profiles, with businesses featuring a gold checkmark able to showcase "open roles" above their timeline for users to explore and apply. Although currently restricted in availability and tied to the premium Verification for Organizations plan, this move positions X uniquely compared to conventional professional networking platforms, and observing the impact of this feature—X Hiring—will provide valuable insights into its evolving role in reshaping user engagement and business interactions within the platform.
How AI Will Shape The Future Of TV Advertising
Technology’s ability to make spots measurable will be a game-changer.

The DL: The TV advertising landscape is undergoing a significant transformation due to online streaming and internet-connected TVs, enabling closed-loop measurement of ad impact. The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) is expediting this shift. AI empowers advertisers to create TV ads from text inputs, generating multiple versions with varied creative elements for testing on AI-powered TV buying platforms. This data-informed approach optimizes ad performance by combining creative and non-creative variables. The synergy of AI, creative development, and real-time TV buying is reshaping TV into an outcome-driven, measurable advertising medium. By embracing the changes and keeping up with AI advertisers will be able to not only reach a more targeted audience in the once-mass audience platform but also be able to quantify ad dollars. 
YouTube Launches New Education-Based Approach To Policy Violations
YouTube’s implementing a new approach to its policy enforcement actions, by launching training courses for creators that violate specific platform policies, as opposed to applying a strike to their channel.

The DL: YouTube is introducing an educational approach to policy enforcement, replacing channel strikes with training courses for creators who violate guidelines. Creators can take a course after a warning, with completion lifting the warning, provided no further violations occur in 90 days. Violative content will still be removed. The system offers multiple chances to learn about policy specifics and appeal, aiming to foster collaboration. The three-strikes system remains, but this approach offers more understanding and flexibility. The change is effective immediately. This new training process may be a great tool for users and advertisers to keep up to date with all the new policy changes in the platform. 
How Brands Are Evolving To Engage With Anyone, Anywhere
According to research by Upland BlueVenn, today’s consumer on average interacts with brands across 20 different online and offline channels, ranging from in-store and mobile browsers to social media, radio and television. 

The DL: Brands are adjusting their advertising strategies to engage consumers across a range of online and offline channels. Research indicates that consumers interact with brands through roughly 20 different channels, prompting a shift toward customer-centric advertising. Peloton serves as an example by expanding its focus beyond home fitness equipment to offer accessible workout experiences for everyone. They recently collaborated with Amazon Ads, leveraging diverse ad formats and channels, and discovered that consumers are more likely to convert after encountering at least three types of ads. This finding emphasizes the importance of meeting customers where they are and using a comprehensive media mix to establish meaningful connections. Hoffmann Murtaugh has expertise in cross-channel media and can help you reach your audience no matter where they are.
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