HLN Learnings Newsletter
Here are some articles about healthcare informatics issues recently published on the HLN website:
In this article, we discuss the methods, benefits, and limitations of encrypting data at rest. While encrypting data at rest can be a useful component in a data security toolbox, it must be implemented with a full understanding of the protection it does (and does not) provide.
There has been a shift away from geographic-based/dominated HIEs to product-dominated HIEs. What does this mean for public health, especially when most public health data exchange happens on a jurisdiction-by-jurisdiction basis?
Read The Interoperability of Things, an  essay about the state of health data interoperability in the US published recently in JHIM .
Most public health information technology projects rely on strong collaboration to be successful, especially across vendor-client boundaries. In this article we identify some additional successful strategies.
Categorical funding, insufficient resources, and lack of agency vision keep public health systems isolated and unintegrated – a phenomenon often referred to as “siloed” systems. This pair of articles tries to re-conceive this notion not once, but twice.