Issue 6 | Summer 2023
The HITS eHealth Office team is hoping your summer is off to a great start! We have a number of exciting updates to share in this edition of Connections. As always, you’re welcome to email us at, call us at 905-577-8270, or check out our website to see how we can support your use of digital health tools:
Helping Healthcare Providers Deliver Care More Efficiently
Latest news:
The following is provided on behalf of the Ministry of Health and Ontario Health.

The Ministry of Health and Ontario Health will be decommissioning the Drug Profile Viewer (DPV) effective September 1, 2023. This is a re-scheduling of the decommissioning which was deferred in April 2020 to support health care providers’ priorities for managing the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. 

DPV will no longer be available, as the technology that supports DPV is at ‘end of life'. In place of the DPV, all DPV-enrolled organizations are enabled to access provincial drug and pharmacy information in the Digital Health Drug Repository (DHDR). In Ontario Health West Region, the DHDR is available via a provincial clinical viewer - ClinicalConnect®.

The DHDR is a newer and more comprehensive information source with more than eleven years of information in comparison to one year in the DPV and includes information on publicly funded dispensed drugs and pharmacy services, as well as all monitored drugs dispensed in the province regardless of payor.

Current DPV users in Ontario Health West Region who require assistance to access the DHDR are advised to contact their organization’s ClinicalConnect Local Registration Authority (LRA).

See news announcement for more details about the decommissioning and planned enhancements to the DHDR.
And a reminder from the HITS eHealth Office! If your healthcare organization is located in Ontario Health West Region but isn't yet using ClinicalConnect, or is approved to use ClinicalConnect but doesn't yet have access to provincial repository data including the DHDR mentioned above, please contact us by email at

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Helping Patients Empower
Their Health Journey
Registration for ConnectMyHealth has really ramped up over the last few months, and patients are seeing the benefits of having 24/7, secure, online access to their health records from participating hospitals in Ontario Health West Region (southwestern Ontario). If you are interested in joining the thousands of Ontarians who have access to their health records, you can register for your own account by visiting Be sure to have a look at the "Data Availability" web page to understand which hospitals are currently participating and the types of health records that are contributed.

Did you know? Bluewater Health, in the Erie St. Clair region, now also contributes patient data to ConnectMyHealth!

In addition, work is well underway to add an additional option for Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). MFA is an increasingly common process that requires users to enter more information than just a password (sometimes called an authentication code) when logging into various online systems; this adds protection when accessing your health records using ConnectMyHealth. With this enhancement, you will be able to receive an authentication code - a one-time passcode - via text (SMS) to your cell phone each time you log into ConnectMyHealth, instead of through an authenticator app as it is today. More details will be provided when the new service is launched, and existing ConnectMyHealth users will have the option to use the text-based MFA if they wish to do so.

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Improving Access to
Specialist Advice
The HITS eHealth Office supports the deployment of eConsult in the HNHB region. eConsult enables physicians and nurse practitioners to submit clinical questions to a specialist electronically and receive a response within days, often eliminating the need for an in-person patient visit. In Ontario, there are 4,000+ active primary care providers and 1,000+ active specialists using eConsult today!

Interested in learning more about eServices? Complete the intake form today!
1.     Clinicians can earn 5 MainPro Credits for sending eConsults: The College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC) designed the MainPro program to support the continuing professional development (CPD) of family physicians and family medicine learners in Canada.

If Clinicians learn something important from an eConsult process, they can submit this as a self-learning reflection in MainPro (Clinicians must be active CFPC or NMMP members to submit and claim MainPro credits). Learn about eligibility here and how to submit here.

2.     HRM® Integration for OTNhub:  Clinicians with Health Report Manager (HRM) access can now export completed eConsult case details into a single PDF report, for viewing within your OMD-certified EMR. Click here to learn more!

3.     Send an eConsult Directly from Your EMR via Ocean: Clinicians can also leverage their integrated EMR (TELUS PS Suite, OSCAR, or Accuro) to send an eConsult, through Ocean, using the same referral process used to submit Ocean eReferrals. Learn how to submit an eConsult through Ocean here.
Our team is here to support you! Contact us at:, or visit our website below if you or your staff would like a refresher on submitting an eConsult or navigating the tool.

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Tips & Tricks: It's As Easy as 1-2-3!
Are you interested in registering for Ontario Health West's patient portal, ConnectMyHealth? Here is some helpful info about registering for your account, which can be used to view various types of health records from participating hospitals in southwestern Ontario. You're encouraged to read important information on the portal's information website before you register:

To register successfully:

  1. Make sure you have the correct documentation available to you. You need a valid (not expired), green Ontario Health Card and a secondary piece of valid identification from the List of Acceptable Types of Identification.
  2. You must have an email address that is unique to you (not shared with anyone). This is required because email is used to communicate information about your account that pertains only to you.  
  3. Take pictures of your identification. Photo Upload Instructions are available if needed. 1) Health Card on its own, 2) Health Card held beside your face, 3) Secondary identification on its own
  4. Complete the online registration form available at Fill out the information as required and upload the photos you took.

We are sometimes asked why this type of identification information is required. It is needed to identify you, to ensure a ConnectMyHealth account to access Personal Health Information is being authorized by, and to, the rightful owner of that information.

Upon submitting your account request, you will receive an email confirming your registration has been received. Then within five business days, you will receive another email that includes information about your new account, including account activation instructions (or you'll receive an explanation of why your request couldn't be processed and you are welcome to re-submit).

Other tips!
  1. Make sure the photos you take are not blurry (i.e. they are legible), and include your entire government-issued identification (i.e. not cut off). Poor photos will result in your registration request being rejected since the information provided cannot be used to confirm your identity.
  2. Make sure you don't press the Submit button on the registration form multiple times, as this results in your registration being received by the ConnectMyHealth Program Office multiple times (and only one registration request can be processed).
  3. Make sure the information as shown on your identification matches what you type into the registration form. Mismatched information (for instance, your health card number is typed incorrectly into the form, or your names typed into the form don't match what's on your identification) cannot be processed.

If you need help or have questions about registration, please email
Meet Our Team
Name: Marzena Cran
Role: Clinical Stakeholder Relations & Development Specialist

Marzena has worked in various capacities at Hamilton Health Sciences for over 30 years. She joined as a Registered Nurse and later moved into the hospital’s Clinical Practice & Education group. For the last 12 years, Marzena has held a senior role on the HITS eHealth Office team as Clinical Stakeholder Relations & Development Specialist. She has been responsible for the design and development of ClinicalConnect and ConnectMyHealth training resources for users, which has included hosting a myriad of in-person and virtual sessions for ClinicalConnect Participant Organizations over the years. She has contributed through various working groups and clinical advisory committees both at the regional and provincial levels, demonstrating her commitment to electronic access to health records and evolving digital health in Ontario.
In her free time, Marzena enjoys travelling and visiting family and friends abroad. She also enjoys gardening and has won several Pink and White Trillium Awards through the City of Hamilton. 
The views expressed are those of the HITS eHealth Office at Hamilton Health Sciences and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Government of Ontario or any of its personnel or entities, including Ontario Health.