Philippine President Ferdinand R. Marcos, Jr. was welcomed on September 19 by the US-Philippines Society led by Ambassadors Frank Wisner and John Negroponte. The President, who visited NYC to address the United Nations General Assembly, gave a preview of his speech at the UN emphasizing his mission's “central purpose to attend the 77th United Nations General Assembly where we hope to reintroduce the Philippines to the world, introduce exactly what is needed now, not only for the Philippines, but for the rest of the world, as we slowly emerge from the last 2 1/2 years, and the crisis with the situation in Ukraine.”

On PH-US relations, President Marcos Jr. said, “I do not see a future for the Philippines that does not include an even stronger partnership with the United States. Our formal partnership of 70 plus years in terms of the defense treaties will continue, must continue to evolve as the geopolitical situation changes.”

“In the same manner, our business partnerships must also evolve to take into account new technologies,” the President stated. Read more

Following the luncheon meeting, President Marcos, Jr. attended a business forum at the New York Stock Exchange. His six-day New York official visit was capped with a September 22 bilateral meeting with President Joseph Biden.

On September 27, Annual Mutual Defense and Security Engagement Boards met in Hawaii, led by Lt. Gen Bartolome Bacarro, AFP Chief of Staff and Admiral John Aquilino, Commander of U.S. Indo-Pacific Command. At that meeting, the U.S. and Philippines agreed to over 500 activities to be carried out in 2023, an increase from 300 this year. In addition, U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin met with acting Philippine counterpart Jose Faustino Jr. for discussions on broader security matters.

At an October 14 Philippine Economic Dialogue in Washington DC, Ambassador Jose Manuel Romualdez reported on the President's productive meetings with the U.S. private sector.

"In his business meetings, President Marcos underscored that with our population growth and rising incomes, we want to invite U.S. companies to look at the Philippines equally as a valuable market and a potential contributor to the growth of American businesses. From the president's business engagements in New York City, the Philippines generated business interests across various industries with estimated investments amounting to almost $4 billion creating over 112,000 jobs that can be realized within the next three years.