HFG January 2022 Newsletter
Coping with Change

The pandemic upended what was, for many of us, years of routine and consistency. Commuting, schooling, social lives, wellness routines and just about everything in between have been impacted. As the pandemic continues in 2022, there’s lots more change to come.

Control or acceptance coping is a proactive way to deal with change. It involves taking practical steps to manage change, including:
  • Making to-do lists and action plans
  • Talking things through rationally with yourself and others
  • Getting organized
  • Finding support
  • Seeing change as an opportunity – not a threat

FREE RESOURCES with your Chambers Plan coverage
Business Assistance Services (BAS) & Healthy Business Bookmark

With Arete, you are merely a phone call or click away from confidential and professional support for your business—whenever and however you need it.
As a business owner or manager, you understand the everyday challenges and personal stresses associated with managing people and running a business—it can be a lot. Enter Arete’s Healthy Business Bookmark (HBB) website, available through BAS. With carefully curated resources designed to inspire and tailored to meet your needs, HBB is the place to start when you need a little boost of inspiration, a sample to get you going or if you just don’t know where to begin.

Personal Benefits - Coverage for Retiring Chambers Plan Employees
Health and Dental Coverage for Retiring Employees 

For many people, retiring means leaving their health and dental coverage behind. While provincial plans cover some health care expenses, many day-to-day and emergency expenses will now be your responsibility. Retiree Plan for Employees allows employees aged 50 and over to easily transition their group plan coverage to an individual health and dental plan.

Your employees can access information and apply through the Personal Benefits link under their www.my-benefits.ca employee access.

NEW & IMPROVED Administration Guide!

As the Plan administrator for your firm, you have an important role to play. You must gather all initial employee information, and any subsequent changes, on a timely basis to ensure accurate premium billing and so claims can be paid quickly and accurately.
Questions about my-benefits.ca or how to submit pertinent changes? Please contact the Customer Service team toll-free at (800)665-3365, email info@chambersplan.ca, or use the live ‘Chat’ function in my-benefits.ca anytime!
The recently revised Administration Guide contains everything you will need to administer your benefit program. 
my-benefits®and my-benefits health®

Every Plan member has access to their personal my-benefits account. If they have questions about their coverage, need to submit or follow up on claims, or even augment their coverage with Personal Benefitsmy-benefits provides quick and easy access to personalized information. It’s all available online, anytime either by going to www.my‑benefits.ca or through the my-benefits app.

Through this platform, they also gain access to my-benefits health, Chambers Plan’s wellness site. Any health issue or concern brings about questions. my-benefits health provides Plan members easy access to reliable health tools and resources, allowing them to choose the best course of action for their family. 
  • Find a family doctor or specialist
  • Check procedure wait times
  • Complete a free Health Risk Assessment
  • Locate patient assistance programs
  • Explore resources on senior care
  • Search Canadian prescription drug and conditions libraries
  • Read topical newsletters

If your employees have not yet signed up for my-benefits, registering is easy. All they need is your firm number and their certificate number. They can then download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play, or they can go to my-benefits.ca, and set up their account. Share this video and encourage them to sign up to have their benefits and more at their fingertips. 
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