HFG February 2021 Newsletter


Stay tuned for a Plan News email newsletter update from the Chambers Plan coming soon with all of the April 1st renewal updates!

Please read below for some reminders about FREE HR resources, changes to the availability of printed plan materials and administrative tips!

Employee Booklets, Certificates and Benefit Cards 
Chambers Plan is continuing efforts to reduce an ecological footprint while providing exceptional service for Plan members. As part of this initiative, all employee booklets, certificates and benefit cards are now (only) provided digitally. 

Employees can access these documents on any computer or mobile device through my-benefits®, the online benefits management platform. Digital copies of these documents can also be requested by contacting the Johnston Group at info@johnstongroup.ca

Is the employee not registered on my-benefits? Don’t worry, it’s easy! Employees can go to www.my-benefits.ca and click on Sign Up. All it takes is the firm number, the certificate number, and a few minutes of time. If assistance is required, please call 1 800-665-3365. 

Advantages to Online Benefits Management 
• Always current 
• View your coverage anytime, anywhere, with immediate access to your most current Plan details 
• Clean and green 
• Reduce paper clutter by printing materials only when needed 
• Save time 
• No more searching for the most recent paper records - booklets and benefit cards are available online at your convenience 
• Fast and secure 
• No waiting for the mail; changes are reflected on your secure my-benefits site as soon as they are processed

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The Importance of Updating Employee Information

There are a number of reasons it is important we receive timely notification of employee additions and status changes: 
• If employees are not insured on time, they may be subject to a medical review, placing their insurability—or that of their dependent(s)—at risk. 
• If employees’ earnings are not updated, it could leave them underinsured. 
• If an employee has had a status change (e.g. marriage, birth of a child) or is no longer employed by your company, but we have not been notified, coverage levels and billed premium could be incorrect.
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