April 11, 2024

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Table of Contents

  • In Memoriam—George Leonard Smith Jr., PhD
  • #IAMHFES Spotlight: Jennifer Mitchell
  • HFES Europe Chapter Annual Meeting
  • April Is National Volunteer Month
  • Call for Volunteers: HFES Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee
  • Consider Service to HFES as an Elected Officer or Director
  • Apply for the HFES Science Policy Fellowship Program by April 15
  • HFE Woman—Early Career Women Faculty Panel
  • HFES Announces New Award: HFES Inclusion Award
  • 2024 Student Member With Honors Awards and Outstanding Student Chapter Award Applications
  • Reserve Your Accommodations for ASPIRE
  • Webinar Recording: AI for the Rest of Us: How Equitable Is the Future of Work for Front-Line Workers?
  • Hot Off the Press: Editor's Picks for HFES Journals
  • Call for Papers: Special Issue of Human Factors
  • Book Review: Handbook of Augmented Reality Training Design Principals.
  • Upcoming Meetings and Activities
  • Community Updates

In MemoriamGeorge Leonard Smith Jr., PhD

Dr. George L. Smith, Jr. passed away on February 12, 2024.

Dr. Smith was a Fellow of HFES and served as Editor-in-Chief of the Human Factors Journal from 1979 to 1983.

He was recognized by many as a very warm and caring individual who made important professional contributions, in terms of content and service. He was also very active in sharing his time and talents in civic and other organizations outside of work.

Link to Obituary

#IAMHFES Spotlight: Jennifer Mitchell

This month's #IAMHFES Member spotlight video is from Jennifer Mitchell, one of our new student members. Jennifer is a first year PhD student at the Mind Music Machine Lab at Virginia Tech. Jennifer focuses on human-robot interactions and one of her favorite projects is Child Robot Theater After School Program, where she brings robots to a local elementary school and teach them about robots through the medium of art.

Click the picture above to see her full video!

The #IAMHFES campaign will highlight members from across HFES throughout the year. Stay tuned for more videos!

HFES Europe Chapter Annual Meeting

Hosted in Lübeck, Germany, the conference will start on Wednesday, April 17 around 9 a.m. CET and conclude with lunch on Friday, April 19 just after noon. This year, the keynote (and conference dinner) will be on Wednesday. 

Our keynote speaker will be Dr. Sabina Theresia Köszegi, professor of labor science and organization at the Institute of Management Sciences of TU Vienna, and she will address the design challenges for human-AI interaction with her presentation titled "Robotics Quo Vadis?"

Registration fees (non-Chapter members €460, members €450, students €400) include attendance of the complete program, three lunches, coffee, refreshments and the conference dinner.

More Information

April Is National Volunteer Month

April is National Volunteer Month and this provides a special opportunity to say "Thank you" to all of the members of HFES who volunteer. Your time, service, creativity, knowledge, expertise, and everything else you share through HFES to support and strengthen your fellow members of this society and the profession is greatly appreciated.

Call for Volunteers: HFES Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee

The HFES DEI Committee is seeking proposal reviewers for the HFES Seed Grant Program focusing on the intersections of Human Factors/Ergonomics (HF/E) and Anti-Racism/Anti-Bias initiatives. The program aims to support projects and research addressing racism and bias in human systems, environments, products, and tools. Reviewers must meet specific criteria and submit their interest form by April 22, 2024. 

More Information

Consider Service to HFES as an Elected Officer or Director

The call for nominations for HFES President-Elect, Secretary-Treasurer-Elect and At-Large Executive Council opens Monday, April 15. Now is the perfect time to consider service to HFES as an elected officer or director. We encourage Full members to review the elected office Position Descriptions and Responsibilities as well as read all about Nominee Eligibility.

A minimum number of nominations is required for one to appear on the ballot so interested individuals should connect with fellow members to urge them to include your name on the nomination form. Nomination forms will be accepted through May 15. The minimum number of nominations required are:

  • Five (5) for President-Elect
  • Three (3) for Secretary-Treasurer-Effect
  • Three (3) for Executive Council Member-at-Large-Elect

Receiving the minimum number of nominations does not guarantee the nominee will be on the ballot. Only those with the most nominations, as indicated below, will appear on the ballot:

  • For President-Elect: the three (3) persons who receive the greatest number of nominations
  • For Secretary-Treasurer-Elect: the three (3) persons who receive the greatest number of nominations
  • For At-Large Executive Council (2 open positions): the six (6) persons who receive the greatest number of nominations

View our recorded webinar to learn about the benefits of serving HFES. Note - this video was recorded in 2021 and references the 2021 election timeline

All members are encouraged to email info@hfes.org if they have questions concerning any aspect of the HFES nomination or election process.

Full and Emeritus members – watch your email inbox on Monday, April 15 for the nomination information and form.

More Information

Apply for the HFES Science Policy Fellowship Program by April 15

The HFES Science Policy Fellowship (SPF) program provides a valuable opportunity for HFES members to learn how to successfully advocate for human factors and ergonomics on the national stage.

SPF participants will receive extensive training in public affairs, advocacy and outreach to be provided by Lewis-Burke Associates and the HFES Government Relations Committee during the HFES Annual Meeting. They will also participate in the annual spring Capitol Hill Day in Washington, D.C., including a Hill visit training session and a policy-related speaker prior to the visit day. They will be invited to attend monthly conference calls with Lewis-Burke and the HFES Government Relations Committee covering ongoing events and opportunities for HFES to engage in policy decisions.

Applications are due by Monday, April 15, 2024.

More Information

HFE Woman—Early Career Women Faculty Panel

Join HFE Woman for our upcoming virtual panel on women in their early careers. Our Guests will include Dr. Li, Dr. Tyagi, Dr. Roesler and Dr. Patton on their experience as early career faculty!

Sign-ups can be found on the HFEWOMAN website here or directly through this link.

Anyone is welcomed to join us. We hope to see you there!

The virtual panel will take place on April 24th, 2:00 pm EST on ZOOM. 

More Information

HFES Announces New Award: HFES Inclusion Award

The Executive Council of HFES recently approved a new Society award–The HFES Inclusion Award. The HFES Inclusion Award will recognize the contributions of HFES members related to promoting diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging and justice in the fields of human factors and ergonomics and to HFES itself. These contributions may span outstanding and impactful research, practice and service.

This award will recognize novel and recent contributions that extend the reach of HF/E to new areas. In contrast to existing HFES awards, this new award will specifically: (a) address the critical importance of DEI principles; (b) celebrate the impact of members’ research, practice or service regarding these principles. Recipients can include individuals or collaborative teams.

Award decisions will be announced on August 2, 2024, thus allowing recipients ample time to plan attendance and travel as ASPIRE in September in Phoenix. 

Submission are due by 11:59 PM ET, Friday, May 24, 2024

More Information

2024 Student Member With Honors Awards and Outstanding Student Chapter Award Applications

The Student Affairs Committee is pleased to recognize the accomplishments of and service to the Society by our students and student chapters through the Student Member with Honors Award and the Outstanding Student Chapter Award. Award recipients will be honored at ASPIRE—the HFES International Annual Meeting.

Student Member with Honors Award honors students who have made outstanding contributions to the discipline and/or to HFES. Criteria include HFES membership, high GPA, HF/E-related course completion, and faculty endorsement. For the Outstanding Student Chapter Award, chapters are recognized based on activities and achievements. 

Applications are due by Sunday, June 30, 2024.

More Information

Reserve Your Accommodations for ASPIRE

The housing link is now open for ASPIRE—the HFES International Annual Meeting, convening September 9-13 at the Arizona Biltmore Hotel in Phoenix. Enjoy our group rate of $269 with various lodging options available. Attendees reserving within the HFES room block will have the daily resort fee waived.

The hotel cutoff date to secure a room within the HFES room block is Friday, August 16, 2024, or until rooms sell out, whichever occurs first. 

As always, please be aware that scammers claiming to have lower rates target associations like HFES. Hotel reservations should be secured only via the online registration link found on our website here.

Hotel Booking Alert

Registration for ASPIRE will open later this month.

More Information

Webinar Recording: AI for the Rest of Us: How Equitable Is the Future of Work for Front-Line Workers?

This webinar was presented on April 2, 2024 and was sponsored by the National Academies’ Board on Human-Systems Integration (BOHSI), in conjunction with the American Psychological Association (APA), the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society (HFES) and the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). Panelists included Dr. Beth Schwartz, American Psychological Association, Dr. Mindy Shoss, University of Central Florida and Dr. John Lee, University of Wisconsin.

Synopsis: AI-enabled technology is reshaping the workplace, but the impact of technology is often discussed for those in the office and not as often for those on the front-line (e.g., retail, healthcare, construction, food services). This webinar discussed how front-line worker’s jobs will be reshaped and the research needed to enhance frontline worker's understanding of AI as a workplace partner.

View the Recording

Hot Off the Press: Editor's Picks for HFES Journals

Whether your March Madness picks were winners or losers, our editors’ picks for HFES journal articles always score! Find a winning article, and read the latest insights and findings in human factors/ergonomics research.

Human Factors

"Is Less Sometimes More? An Experimental Comparison of Four Measures of Perceived Usability"

Journal of Cognitive Engineering and Decision Making

"In the Rough: Evaluation of Convergence Across Trust Assessment Techniques Using an Autonomous Golf Cart"

Ergonomics in Design

"Supporting Remote Experimentation Through Computer-Mediated Communication"

Human Factors in Healthcare

"Nurse-centered Co-design of an Electronic Health Record Nursing Summary"

View All Journals and Proceedings

Call for Papers: Special Issue of Human Factors

Lessons Learned From COVID-19 From the Human Factors and Ergonomics Perspectives

This proposed special issue invites submissions of original theoretical and empirical works related to the COVID-19 pandemic from the perspective of all HF/E domains.

All submissions must explicitly demonstrate knowledge that yields design principles; enhances training, selection and communication; and ultimately improves human-system interfaces and sociotechnical systems that lead to safer and more effective outcomes.

More Information

Book Review: Handbook of Augmented Reality Training Design Principals

Handbook of Augmented Reality Training Design Principals

By Laura G. Militello, Christen E. Sushereba, Sowmya Ramachandran

Upon first seeing the book one may think that it is way too thin to be worth the money, but you would be wrong. In two words, this book is complete and concise. The authors, all experienced in a variety of disciplines including cognitive and physical systems engineering, computer science and training and learning, have put together a master text that any novice or expert in the field of training, learning, or technology can use today to support the effective employment of augmented reality technology with confidence.

Having spent almost 30 years as a student, user and applied practitioner in the development of expertise using training aids, devices, simulators and simulations, I was apprehensive that such a short text could do justice to the space identified in the title. Edited volumes on the development of expertise generally are hundreds of pages thick. I was wrong. The authors have concisely captured the essential elements from the critical areas of expertise development, cognitive systems engineering, metacognition, AR technology and skill development through training and learning to produce a handbook that I have promoted to both new students, those proficient in the field of training and those working in industry selling the technologies discussed.

More Information

Upcoming Meetings and Activities


Attention chapters, technical groups, affinity groups and beyond: HFES is pleased to post information concerning upcoming meetings, webinars or other events you wish to raise awareness about on our events listing page. We also will post meetings of allied societies provided they do not occur close to any HFES-organized activity.


Let us know about your meetings and other events. Email us at info@hfes.org.

Events Schedule

Community Updates

HFES wants to promote the important achievements of our members in the bi-weekly Bulletin. Appropriate topics include research milestones or other significant achievements, professional accolades, awards or recognitions, promotions or new positions and similar professionally oriented topics.

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