February 2016
Why Smartphones are First on HEVC Rollout Timeline
The mobile industry moves a lot more smartphones than the consumer electronics industry moves TVs. DTC estimates there were more than 313 million HEVC mobile handsets shipped in 2015, with that number growing to 1.5 billion by 2020. Find out the reasons for the quick adoption and how that will impact future growth.  
Why Knowledge is Power in Uncertain Times
Profound change is at the doorstep of every sector of the TV business. From new distribution competitors and content creators, to revamped regulations and an evolving content-licensing landscape, change is the only constant. Learn how real, unvarnished facts will be necessary to managing these uncertain times. 
Will 8K Strangle 4K in the Crib?  
With a host of products coming to market - TVs, recording DSLRs, recording drones, monitors, recording smartphones, etc. - 4K has gained real traction as a consumer electronics staple. But right on its heels is 8K.  Find out if it is coming too fast and what that could mean for 4K.
HEVC Products and Content Forecast & Analysis
DTC is putting the final touches on an updated forecast and analysis of HEVC/H.265 adoption. The study examines the product and content landscape, licensing initiatives and potential competition from other video-compression providers.

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