April 2015
Future of HEVC Consumer Electronics Market   
High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) has gained a lot of traction in the consumer market, thanks in large part to its widespread adoption in mobile handsets. By the end of this year, DTC expects more than 440 million HEVC devices to be shipped globally.  

VP9's Surge of SoC Support Won't Derail HEVC   
HEVC may be the presumptive king of next-generation compression technology, but the Google-backed rival VP9 has kicked off 2015 with a growing show of support. More and more DTV semiconductor manufacturers, such as MediaTek and Sigma Design, have unveiled SoCs that include both HEVC and VP9 decoding.  LEARN MORE

Weakest Links for Cord-Cutting and 4K Streaming
With each over-the-top (OTT) content and service provider announcement, the picture of how streaming video will fit into the TV industry gets a little bit sharper. But what will it take for streaming cable-cutting alternatives to become mainstream? LEARN MORE

New HEVC Study Results Available
DTC recently completed an in-depth forecast and analysis for HEVC/H.265. We are now offering customized consultations on:  
  • Forecasts and analysis for consumer electronics products 
  • Non-consumer HEVC applications
  • HEVC licensing landscape

    For more information on our customized HEVC consultations, contact Myra Moore at 214.915.0930 or myra@dtcreports.com.

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