Conference Recap
On April 24th, the HENB presented its first ever online conference. We were very pleased to have close to 100 attendees. Sessions from Sonya Schaffer and Diane Geerlinks were informative and encouraging, and we were able to see curriculum reviews and recommendations from many different HENB members. We also gave away over 25 door prizes! Feedback from this conference has been positive and encouraging.
Some of our provincial homeschool organizations chose to gather in small groups to watch the conference together and have discussion times around the sessions. We are eagerly anticipating being able to gather for our regular large, in person conference next year.
HENB Conference 2022
We are still looking forward to being able to (finally) have Heidi St. John come as our speaker in 2022. Here's a short video from Heidi.
Congratulations to some of our HENB 2021 Graduates!
Graduating from high school is a milestone. For home educators, it's as much a milestone as for the teacher as for the student! We want to recognise and celebrate some of the students and teachers who have reached this tremendous achievement this year.
Nathaniel Peachman
Teacher: Grace Ann Peachman

Nathaniel Peachman is graduating from a completely homeschooled family of four children, of which he is the third to graduate. After graduation he plans on moving to Edmonton for a year of bible school at Foundation Baptist College. The next year, he is considering various college/university courses, including engineering, DFO officer training, and pastoring. He enjoys biking, fishing, and other outdoor hobbies.
Michal Grace Myers
Teacher: Holly Myers

It is with mixed emotions that I announce the graduation of our fourth child and only daughter, because she is our last homeschool student as well. Michal has been home educated her entire life, has been a joy to teach and loves learning... cuddled beside her German Shepherd, Mocha, and sipping herbal tea. She spends much of her free time hiking in the woods with her friends, singing and sewing outfits out of her own imagination, or playing with the many church children she adores. Her self motivation, attention to detail, deep thinking and love of expression have produced exceptional academic work and a priceless work ethic. She has nurtured her God given artistic abilities, her love of fashion design, sketching, theology and creative writing to a point that we are making a collection of her work into a book...for posterity's sake. That will be her report card... of sorts.

Michal plans to attend New Brunswick Bible Institute next year to take their Discipleship program (one year) and possibly go to college in Saint John the year after to take a hairstyling course. Our biggest celebration however, is that Michal has developed a true and genuine relationship with Jesus Christ during her 18 years at home. We have every confidence that He will keep her, guide her, comfort her, and that she will grow closer to Him in the next chapter of her life and enjoy Him forever.
Painting and words by Holly Myers
Some wonderful things are meant to go together. On their own, they can become destructive.... like knowledge and wisdom. We can get hung up on the pursuit of knowledge and end up as "clever devils," as C.S. Lewis names us. Knowledge, intelligence, education...they can all lead to puffy cold places... without wisdom. Wisdom is harder to get, too. It comes with age, experience and humility. Knowledge is the stuff of self-made men, a bottomless cup of liquid ego, quenching our pride with every gulp. Without the accountability of right and wrong, we become drunk on power and influence.

I'm afraid our institutions of higher learning have emptied the cup of wisdom, in order to please the people. To create a morally relativistic ideal, where all desires and actions can be validated and comfort set on the throne. Without a standard to follow, without any measure of morality, anything goes. When anything goes, lawlessness creates chaos - the opposite of what knowledge promises.

One of the most important questions a person should ask when deciding between right and wrong, when searching for wisdom, is "Who says?" If each one of us is the ultimate authority on morality, we are in chaotic trouble. There must be another solution. Tolerance is great, to a point, but eventually, we all reach a point when behaviour becomes unacceptable and action must be taken, because justice is a virtue too. Who do we trust then? It's an unavoidable question.

Knowledge is an amazing thing, but it's just a vehicle that helps us reach wisdom. They both serve to hold things up, to keep us from getting crushed, and we should work hard and think hard to find their balance and relationship.

Congratulations to all graduates of learning institutions! Use your knowledge carefully and well!

"Acquire wisdom, and with all your acquiring, get understanding" Proverbs 4:7
Moncton Museum
A message from Resurgo Place (Moncton Museum): "We are currently gathering feedback on how best we can meet the needs of local schools and home educators. Our goal is to remain a valued and accessible resource for educators, and we understand that adapting to current realities is vital. We would truly appreciate your time and effort in helping us spread the word!
This short survey (6 minutes) is designed to help us gain insight on which curriculum aspects museums, science centres, galleries and historic sites could help with and how. Although this survey has been prompted by the current situation, we also hope your answers will allow us to serve you better in the long run."
From the Moncton Museum: "Resurgo Place is delighted to launch its newly developed School Groups Program! The museum has a lot to offer and we will work with local educators to help meet their curriculum outcomes in a safe (but still fun!) environment.

The new program explores a variety of themes such as transportation history, Moncton’s heritage, map reading skills, creativity, and science.
We look forward to greeting you and your class!

For more details on our new program, visit our website.