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Manufacturing Giants, Policy Experts and Marketing Mavens Will Set the Stage for Worldwide Adoption of Advanced Heating Technologies at Prestigious Forum

The China Heat Pump Alliance (CHPA) announces that the 2024 China Heat Pump Industry Annual Conference and China Heat Pump Forum (CHPF) will be held August 6-8 at the Shanghai Fuyue Hotel in the Songjiang District of Shanghai, China.


For more information about the CHPF and the CHPA or to register for this event, please contact directly.

WHAT: China Heat Pump Forum and China Heat Pump Industry Annual Conference.

WHO: Presented by the China Heat Pump Alliance (CHPA)


WHEN: August 6-8, 2024. Registration is available up to August 6.


WHERE: Shanghai Fuyue Hotel, Lane 208, Rong Yue Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai


CONTACT: For more information about the CHPF and the CHPA or to register for this event, please contact directly.

The CHPA consists of members of the Heat Pump Committee of the China Energy Conservation Association (CECA). The three-day CHPF is widely recognized as the foremost event for discourse on the future of heat pumps, not only for China but also for the world.


China today is at the center of heat pump research, product development and manufacturing. The CHPF is an annual event that typically draws more than 1500 participants from around the globe. Even more participants are expected in 2024 as the uptake of heat pumps accelerates globally.

Heat pumping technologies have rapidly advanced since the first CHPF was held in 2012 under the auspices of the CHPA. Since that inaugural forum, innovative technologies have boosted the adoption of heat pumps in new climate zones, new markets and new commercial and residential applications. The uptake of heat pumps in the global economy is accelerating at unprecedented rates, thanks to advanced technologies as well as policies aimed at energy savings and decarbonization.


“This forum has consistently led the charge in promoting heat pump technologies and energizing the growth of the heat pump industry. Much progress has been made in the past twelve years, yet we are just warming up,” said Hengyi Zhao (Cooper Zhao), general secretary of the China Heat Pump Alliance.


“This prestigious event features presentations by premier heat pump manufacturers as well as noted experts from domestic and international spheres,” says Zhao. “Key business leaders from around the world will attend the CHPF in August. It is an event not to be missed by movers and shakers in the heat pump sector.”

The Premier Global Event for Heat Pump Technology

As the world's largest heat pump conference, the CHPF draws over 1500 participants annually from China, Europe, the United States, Japan and South Korea as well as other countries. The latest technological advancements from around the world will be revealed and discussed at the CHPF. It is the most significant global forum for fostering meaningful collaborations in the global heat pump sector. The CHPF sets a benchmark for industry engagement and innovation. Strategic plans formulated at the 2024 HPF will set the stage evolution of the heat pump sector for years to come.

Delegates represent heat pump manufacturers and equipment suppliers as well as suppliers of essential parts and components. Product agents and experts from research & inspection institutes will be present, too. Representatives from key colleges and universities as well as industry associations, institutions of architectural design and construction, energy-saving service contractors and property developers will attend along with HVAC engineers & professionals who seek to keep up-to-date with the myriad changes in the industry.

About the China Heat Pump Alliance

China Heat Pump Alliance (CHPA), a secondary professional committee under the China Energy Conservation Association, was established in 2009. CHPA has more than 500 enterprise members, representing more than 80 percent of China's heat pump product R&D, production, and manufacturing capacity. CHPA is currently the largest and most influential heat pump association in China's heat pump field. CHPA has a close relationship with all parties in the heat pump industry, especially heat pump manufacturers, research institutions, and government agencies, and it acts as a bridge between policymakers and manufacturers in terms of policy and standard formulation.

China Heat Pump Forum: 2024 Basic Schedule

August 6

All Day


August 6


Board Meeting for CHPA

August 6


Welcome Dinner

August 7

All Day

Meetings and Banquets

August 8

All Day

Meetings and Departure


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