June 2021
Vol. 26 No. 2
Summary of the Important Health Care Bills from the
2021 Legislative Session

Bills passed and signed by the Governor:
  • HB 6423: An Act Concerning Immunizations
  • HB 5596: An Act Concerning Telehealth

Bills passed and awaiting action by the Governor:
  • SB 1: An Act Equalizing Comprehensive Access to Mental, Behavioral and Physical Health in Response to the Pandemic
  • HB 6622: An Act Concerning Prescription Drug Formularies and Lists of Covered Drugs
  • SB 1070: An Act Allowing Advanced Practice Registered Nurses and Physician Assistants to Issue Home Health Orders

Bill that may be a part of the budget implementer language:
  • SB 1107: An Act Concerning the Taxation of Ambulatory Surgical Centers

Bills that did not pass one or more of the chambers:
  • SB 285: An Act Concerning the Administration of Vaccines by Medical Assistants
  • SB 1045: An Act Concerning Step Therapy, Adverse Determination and Utilization Reviews, and Health Insurance Coverage for Stepchildren and Other Dependent Children
  • SB 842: An Act Concerning Health Insurance and Health Care in Connecticut (Public Option bill)
  • SB 238: An Act Increasing Oversight of Mergers and Acquisitions of Group Practices
  • SB 1087: An Act Establishing a Task Force to Examine the Recruitment and Retention of Health Care Providers in the State