May 26th Weekly Word
Worship this Week

Please join us outside or online for our celebration of Trinity Sunday this Sunday at 10am!

The outdoor service will be held in the
as we did last summer and fall.
Please plan to bring a chair, social distance, and wear a mask.

Artwork: The Winds of Change by Marleen Visser
The service will also be live-streamed through Facebook Live here or on 3CX here. We hope you will join us in person or online.

We REALLY Need You!

Next Saturday, June 5th, our church will be hosting the Strawberry Festival.

Volunteers are still needed to make this a successful church event.
Our greatest need is during the hours of 1PM - 3PM.
We also have a great need for people to take orders and payment at the grill.

You can sign up for a few hours, or more or less...whatever you are available.

And here are some other ways you can help:
--Make a raffle basket. Ideas: Children’s Beach Fun, Gardening, Cookout, Carwash, etc.
--As your perennials come up, separate and pot them for the plant table.
--Get Baking for our Bake Sale Table.

Do you have a popup tent you would be willing to loan us? We are looking for some tents to help keep some shade on the tables. Contact Ellen McCune if you have any.

Sign up here or call Ellen McCune at 603-329-5811 or email if you have any questions. Your help is needed and appreciated!!
Sanctuary Reopening Survey

Leadership has been following UCC Conference guidelines as they relate to Covid-19 and indoor worship. With things rapidly changing, members of the team thought it was important to secure the thoughts and feelings of our members as we consider next steps. To that end, we have created a simple two-question survey that we would like you to fill out by May 31st.
Results of the survey will be used for informational purposes only and are not binding in any way. 

If you are a member of HCC, please click here to fill out the survey online. Please make sure you hit the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the survey to ensure your answers are submitted.

Please Note: We will continue to broadcast the Sunday services via Facebook Live and thru the link on 3CX regardless if services are outside or inside. We have no plans on stopping the streaming of services.
Graduation Sunday June 6th
Please plan to join us on Sunday, June 6th for a special service to honor our graduates from 2020 and 2021. We have an amazing group of young people graduating from both high school and middle school, and we are honored to recognize them as they move to the next stage of their lives.
Strengthen the Church - UCC Special Offering - Now through June1st

The funds raised through this offering support leadership development, new churches, youth ministry, and innovation in existing congregations. By your giving, you build up the Body of Christ. The STC offering will be for the rest of May. You can bring a STC offering with you any Sunday or send it to the Church office. Checks can be made out to Hampstead Congregational Church with the memo line designating "UCC Strengthen the Church Special Offering".

As always, thank you for your continued generosity and support of our UCC special offerings!
An Update from Judy Dobson

Hi there… It’s Judy D. with a brief update on my recovery from the fall I took over three weeks ago.

The cast is off…and the real work has begun. I did some interesting damage to my left elbow and the surrounding area so it will take some time before I can be out and about again. In the meantime, daughter Amanda and her cat Cotton have been staying with me for well over two weeks and will remain until at least the beginning of next week. She has helped me maneuver my way through the countless little tasks that have to be done differently right now…and has completed many wonderful projects for me inside my home and around the outside as well. What a blessing! Daughter Rachel and her family are available whenever I need them…and the Visiting Nurses have been angels.

I want to sincerely thank all of you for your cards, calls and encouraging words. You and our church mean the world to me! Hopefully, I will see you sometime in the month of June – that’s the plan. Please know that I am thinking of you with gratitude and love!
Bernice Moore

We are saddened to pass on the news that Bernice Moore has died. We ask that you hold her family in your prayers. To read her obituary, click here.

May she rest in peace.
We have collected 1,167 diapers! Thank you! If you prefer to donate money, the Diaper Pantry is glad to buy what they most need. All donations are much needed and appreciated.
A Word from Peace & Justice--Farmer's Markets

Finally, the warm weather is here. Trees are leafing out, flowers are blooming, and to many of us, thoughts turn to fresh vegetables!

Personally, I have a nice little garden where I can grow my own herbs and vegetables. I love knowing where my food is grown. Understandably though, not everyone can have their own little patch of goodness in their backyard, but the next best thing just maybe our local farmers’ markets.

We are lucky to have three markets close by, open on either Sundays, Wednesdays, or Thursdays. These little hyper-local food hubs are a win-win for all involved. Small, local farmers enjoy a customer base for their products and customers get the freshest produce available, apart from our own backyards.

By directly supporting our local farms, we are supporting our local economy, enabling a more healthy and diverse food supply, permitting the continuing of local open space, and reducing the energy needed to ship food from the other side of the country. You may even consider it a homeland security issue.

Many local farms produce heirloom varieties of food that may not ship well but have superior flavor. Some may raise rare breeds of animals, which helps ward against livestock monoculture and the problems that come with that. You may find food from different cultures AND people to explain how they cook and serve them. At my work, we custom grow saved seeds for a group of African refugees who participate in a cooperative farming effort in Goffstown. To them, it is a way of participating in community and continuing to grow food from home. It is also a way to support themselves in their new home.

I encourage you to visit one of our markets. Go alone or with friends. It is a fun thing to do with the bonus of coming home with new, fresh, and interesting food. If the market times do not work for you, consider stopping at one of our local farm stands before your trip to the grocery store. Enjoy locally produced meat, milk, eggs, and vegetables. Meet your farmers. Enjoy the open space the farms provide.

Salem Farmers’ Market
Open year-round on Sundays from 10-2
Located at 12 Via Toscana Dr. (Lake Park in Tuscan Village)

Derry Farmers’ Market
Beginning in June on Wednesdays from 3-7 In the Pocket Park by Benson’s.

Exeter Farmers' Market
Beginning in May on Thursdays from 2:15 - 5:30 on the Swasey Parkway, Exeter

Submitted by Kari Allard, Peace and Justice Team
Sunday, June 20th (Father’s Day)

Please join us right after Service for an Ice Cream Social. The Missions Team will be serving Ice Cream Sundaes with all the "fixins" outside of Hadley Hall.

Donations will benefit Isaiah 58 NH.
Notes from the Music Director . . .
Sharing some interesting stories and facts with you about famous composers.
Chopin: A Romantic at Heart

Polish composer Frédéric François Chopin was, like Beethoven, a childhood prodigy that was given accolades at a very young age.

Chopin only ever played the piano in the dark, even at the 30 concerts he performed in his
lifetime, it was always in the dark. You might think this is because he was goth before it was cool, but he was actually just quite shy and preferred to hide in darkness while performing his masterpieces.

He suffered difficulties with love and failed to have any long lasting relationship in his lifetime. Lover’s quarrels and breakups often coincide in time with Chopin's most famous works. All of this tumultuous drama and heartbreak made Chopin the Poster Boy of the Romantic Era - a period of music and art that took hold of Europe in the first half of the 19th century.

Chopin died in poverty at the young age of 39 of a mysterious illness, which many believe to have been tuberculosis.
Missions Opportunities:
5 for 5 Church Update

Once again, we are thankful for your giving as we continue to be a 5 for 5 Church supporting the UCC special offerings.

Our church received $145 for The Christmas Fund offering and $1,325 towards the One Great Hour of Sharing offering.

Your giving changes the futures of people and communities most in need.
·Sun Screen
·Bottled Water
·Non-Perishable Snacks including individual packages of:
·Granola Bars
·Fruit Snacks
·Peanut Butter or Cheese filled
Food Drive
Until June 30, we will be collecting the items for the Upper Room’s summer session.

This summer, the Upper Room’s older youth will be spending time on outdoor community service projects and the younger youth will be spending time on outside activities including hikes. 

You can leave your donations in the foyer of the church any time. Please no fresh items – only shelf-stable, non-expired products.

Thank you as always for your generous donations to the Mission Team’s community needs drives! 

Stay tuned for the link to help at the Soup Kitchen in June.
Volunteer @ Soup Kitchen
The Sonshine Soup Kitchen needs volunteers to prepare and package the food for "To Go Meals." We partner with Atkinson Congregational Church once a month on the 4th
Wednesday of the month to help out from 3-6pm.

Blankets for Project Linus
For those of you who have been busy sewing, quilting, knitting, or crocheting, we have an new opportunity to donate those handmade items!

We located a national organization that has local chapters called Project Linus ( This organization's mission is "to provide love, a sense of security, warmth and comfort to children who are seriously ill, traumatized, or otherwise in need through the gifts of new, handmade blankets and afghans". Blankets are given to children in need through NH.

*We welcome all styles of blankets made in child-friendly colors/prints. 
*Crocheted, knitted, quilted (100% cotton or flannel), fleece….you don’t have to be an expert! 
*Blankets must be NEW, HANDMADE and WASHABLE. 
*Fabric blankets can be quilted by machine, hand or tied. If you are tying the blanket make sure the ends are trimmed to 1” and the knots are secure. 
*Please do not add any embellishments to the blankets such as buttons that could be swallowed by a child. 
*If you are using a no-sew fleece pattern, please be sure to trim off both selvages FIRST. Not sure what selvages are? Ask the clerk who is cutting your fleece to please show you, they’re those odd looking edges at the top and bottom of the piece you have, sort of raggy looking.
*We accept all sizes of blankets. We donate to children, infants through teen years, so any size is appropriate. Baby blankets are typically 36”X36” or 36”X42”, toddler-pre-teen are typically about 40”X60”, and teen blankets are at least 60"X72".

Blankets can be dropped off in the bassinet in the entry way of Hadley Hall.
Thank you for your support of this project!
Scam Emails
Emails are often sent, saying they are from Pastor Kathy or another staff member. She (or they) will never send out a generic email--she'll address it to your name. She will never ask you for money/gift cards over email. Also, it will always have her signature line on the bottom with her phone number/address. If in doubt, please call or send an email to
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