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Information and Resources for Parents
It is often said that being a parent is the toughest job you will ever have.
Staying well-informed and involved with your child in this technologically advanced world can be very challenging.
Peer pressure to “try” drugs and alcohol is still a major hurdle that teens find themselves having to navigate. This page provides links to resources that may be helpful

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HCC Elevator Speech
Healthy Cattaraugus County Drug Free Coalition and its local partners continue to work together in an effort to prevent youth substance use and abuse in our county.  Through environmental strategies, we aim to create healthy and positive social norms for all ages within Cattaraugus County.  As a coalition, our primary goal is to reduce use of alcohol, tobacco, and marijuana among local youth by educating about the risks and harm of substance use.  Our current focus is on activities that engage community-wide participation and the promotion of prevention messaging initiatives in multiple forms.  Major accomplishments to-date include revision of policies in some schools to include e-cigarettes as well as reducing or eliminating out-of-school suspensions for substance-related offenses.  Other successes include prevention programming and community education throughout the year.  Law Enforcement has also played a critical role in their continued support and participation in the coalition’s efforts.  The biggest challenge we face is being able to reach everyone in a county of 1300 square miles and multiple school districts.  But, what makes our coalition so unique as compared to others is the sense of togetherness, even though we are so widespread.  There is a strong sense of unity that is difficult to match in larger populations.