Last month, HIRA warned you that the Hawaii Republican Party had hit " rock bottom" at the hands of the undisputed, longtime party boss Miriam Hellreich and her puppets, including Pat Saiki, Barbara Marumoto and Fritz Rohlfing.
Today, we regret to inform you that the situation is even worse.  As the Star-Advertiser's David Shapiro wrote in today's newspaper, "It's becoming difficult to take the GOP seriously as a major political party in Hawaii."
Citing the Hawaii GOP's endless problems with poor leadership, finances, public relations, candidate recruitment, ideology, coalition building, and pretty much everything a party is supposed to do, Shapiro concludes:  "The GOP brand is shot in Hawaii, and the party won't recover as a relevant political force anytime soon."

Not bad enough?  This past Friday, the Star-Advertiser editorial page reported"As if the Republicans in Hawaii don't have enough real problems this election cycle . . . the Republicans fielded no candidates in about half of the partisan races for the state House and Senate seats."

Yes, a lack of Republican candidatesNot a minor problem since the entire point of the political exercise is to get a majority of Republicans elected so we can reform failed Democrat policies.
And in the aftermath of the June 7th deadline for candidates to file with the State Elections Office, the Hawaii news media had a banner week reporting on the death 
of the Hawaii GOP.

In fact, according to our daily newspaper, things are so bad at the Hawaii GOP that Hellreich's puppet Fritz Rohlfing said the main goal of his party this year is to protect those incumbents. That's right, our party will mostly focus on the re-election efforts by the six Republican House members and state Sen. Sam Slom who face Democratic opponents.  "If we can pick up two or three in the House and hold our Senate seat, and pick up another seat in the Senate, as far as I'm concerned, I'm going to look at that as great progress."

Rohlfing also noted that the GOP here has not won a major statewide or congressional general election race since 2006, "so we've had a drought, and what we decided was we needed to build from the ground up with our party structure."  THERE'S JUST ONE HUGE PROBLEMRohlfing and Hellreich have been systematically destroying the party structure for years now, as HIRA has been faithfully reporting.
The news media continued to pile on by exposing the Hawaii GOP's shortcomings, such as the supreme likelihood that Hawaii's representation in Washington, D.C. will remain firmly in Democratic hands; since RINO Hellreich's team has failed to recruit any serious Republican candidates challenging Hanabusa, Gabbard and Schatz in 2016.  And how can you blame prospective GOP candidates for not coming forward?  Hellreich's GOP has done absolutely nothing to set the stage for Republican challengers to win.  Thanks to closet Democrat Hellreich's prohibition on attacking Democrat policies and results, our party has failed to promote any kind of sustained message that would cause local Democrats' job approval ratings to decrease versus two years ago.  [ Yet the issues are all on our side and remain unexploited.]

Still not bad enough?  Now comes some of the worst news this week from Hellreich and her liberal cronies at GOP headquarters; news in the name of crooked Rod Tam.  The Star-Advertiser's Lee Cataluna summed it up this way in slamming our state party: "Unrepentant Rod Tam Back, Like a Rash on Hawaii's Okole."

According to the daily newspaper, the former Honolulu councilman and state lawmaker pleaded guilty to 26 misdemeanor and petty misdemeanor counts of theft and falsifying documents five years ago.
Rather than running as a Democrat, Tam's strategy to 'run as a Republican' gives this crook the opportunity to get on November's general election ballot without having to face off against several known Democrats ( current State representative Karl Rhoads and former 2-term BOE member Kim Coco Iwamoto in their August primary election; a primary which Tam would surely have lost.
This way, GOP party officers desperate for any kind of victory in 2016 provide Tam with a quid pro quo'You run as an 'R' and the Hawaii GOP will put on a happy face and tell everyone how fantastic you are.'
And the GOP held up its end of the bargain.  But you couldn't send a sleazy backroom political leader like Hellreich out there to sell sleazy Rod Tam to the party and the world.  It takes an especially sleazy lawyer like Hellreich's puppet 'Sleazy Fritz Rohlfing' to close the deal with lines like:  "We are thrilled that he's coming over . . . we're grateful that he has the values that we have, and he wants to promote the Republican values."  Excuse me, which way to the nearest vomitorium?

Then, leave it to Sleazy Fritz to tell party members directly (with a straight face) in his GOP newsletter"Rod was discharged by the court and all of the charges against him were dismissed. Rod was therefore never convicted of the charges against him. Subsequently, his arrest record was expunged by the court, giving Rod a clean record and a fresh start."  That's laying it on pretty darn thick, even for an ethically-challenged two-bit lawyer like Fritz Rohlfing.
Naturally, Miriam Hellreich was unwilling to go before the cameras to make the case for the corrupt Rod Tam.  So she pushed Sleazy Fritz out there to do her dirty work and embrace Tam without noticably cringingYes, that Fritz Rohlfing, the same guy who stole (and wasted) thousands of dollars from the party's bank account a few months ago to hire the former attorney general under a Democrat governor to sue the conservatives at HIRA for sending you this factual newsletter .***

But at what price has the Hawaii GOP further sold its soul in 2016.  An unmistakably damaging message has been sent to the public that our mediocre and desperate party will stoop as low as possible in order to secure victory for political office by someone -- anyone!! -- with an "R" after his or her name . . . even when that person is not really an "R" at all.
Obviously, Republicans won't get elected en masse in Hawaii unless we differentiate ourselves from Democrats in a good way.  But as Cataluna put it:  "Though Hawaii Democrats never disavowed Tam, the head of the Hawaii Republican Party was quoted as saying they're "thrilled" to have the convicted thief, proven liar and all-purpose goofball on their team. What's worse? Not kicking him out or welcoming him in?"  That is NOT good differentiation.  That's more like 'desperate and just as crooked'.  That's when voters look at our party and think "Why Bother?"

Yes, the past week was a terrible week for the Hawaii GOP.  But all the bad press is a hyper-accurate reflection of the decline wrought by Miriam Hellreich and her rotating cast of incompetent and liberal RINO party officer puppets.  For the record, these puppets of Hellreich's are the very party officers who tried to cancel next year's elections of officers so they could stay in power at the Hawaii GOP through 2018.  With Hellreich losing this corrupt battle at the recent GOP state convention to keep her puppets in power for another year ( losing by a 4-to-1 margin, by the way), she has already reportedly begun traveling across the state looking for more puppets to install in various party officer posts in 2016, 2017 and beyond.  [Nope, she didn't get the message.]

Hellreich's RINO death grip on the Hawaii GOP continues; a death grip which is directly related to the widespread party criticism, the lack of candidates, the financial troubles, the bad press, and the bleak outlook for our party's future.

Thoughtful Republicans know that a fish rots from the head down.  The indisputable head of the Hawaii's GOP fish is Miriam Hellreich.  Our party's decline and 'dry spell' correlates precisely with her reign in party office.  She calls all the shots for the RINO-controlled Hawaii Republican Party, even though her hands remain mostly hidden.

That's why Hellreich and Rohlfing and their do-nothing cohorts absolutely must resign their party offices and vacate the premises immediately or 2016 will turn out even worse for the Hawaii GOP than we already know it will.  The sooner our party is "Under New Management", the better.
*** FYI:  It's been nearly a year since sleazy and incompetent RINO Fritz Rohlfing and his paid Democrat union lawyers threatened to shut down HIRA.  Their laughable 'cease and desist' letter from last October lines our birdcage at HIRA HQ.  So here we are; still waiting for RINO Hellreich's crooked puppets to loot more party funds and get their okoles kicked in court.  Even the Republican National Committee laughs at mediocre Miriam Hellreich and Fritzy Boy Rohlfing .  
Stay tuned for Part II of this article when HIRA will explain how GOP candidates in 2016 were lied to by Hellreich's puppets about the party support they'd receive.  It's not a pretty sight.  But you deserve to know the truth.


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