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March 2023

Our next Member Meeting is Wednesday March 8 at 7pm....

This month the President of HAS, now serving his 3rd year, Ron Weiss will present his ARTIST AS AN ENTREPRENEUR workshop. Ron is also a SCORE Business Advisor and has been helping others create positive streams of income for over 20 years. Being a juried watercolor artist himself, Ron knows about the art of entrepreneurship.
Artists are known for their tendency to put off the foundational business practices and instead focusing on the creative process. However, unless you have hired an assistant to do these things for you, they still must be done.

Ron has set up an Open Mic Forum to discuss the following topics:

  • Defining your art and what you want to sell
  • Knowing your "why" in regards to what you want to sell
  • Distractions...what are yours and strategies to quit procrastinating
  • Does your Art have costs? What are they? Where are they accounted for?
  • Can you afford your Art?
  • Have you priced your art to sell ? 
  • Who are the clients buying your art?
  • Marketing  & Connecting to clients•
  • Knowing Your Brand & what it stands for (that's what sells)
  • Knowing what you don’t know
  • What HAS Offers our ARTISTS

We hope you will join us with and together let's all help one another take the art of doing business to heart.

Spoiler alert: Next month our April monthly meeting will be a Member Feedback Forum. An opportunity for you to bring in some of the artwork you are currently working on (or struggling with) and get productive feedback from your peers.
Voices of Emerging Artists
by Isabelle Colantuonio

Technical Skills Learned in my Second Semester of Art School

As I have started my second semester at Lesley University, I have been taking more technical art classes, and this has greatly improved all of my skills, from color theory to composition and helped all formats of my art. The classes that have most contributed to this change are Drawing Intensive, Introduction to Painting, and 3D concepts, all required first-year classes at my university. Through the school requiring these classes I have had experience with these strong technical skills while also being able to combine them with my game design classes to create a strong basis of skills to take to my next few years of classes.
The first best example of how I have been able to improve my technical skills is from learning the process of drawing with diagramatic lines and using these to accurately represent scale in my art. Throughout my drawing class we have drawn various items from different points of view to pratice these skills, and through each of my drawings my skills have improved and gotten much stronger. I have learned how to use these lines to help my other work as well, whther it was seeing relationships between objects in my paintings, or using imaginary diagramatic lines to relate two objects together when I am 3D modeling. This application of my technical skills has allowed my art to become more accurate but has also allowed me to understand space and relationships even better.
Another strong example of the technicals skills I am learning is learning applications of color theory in my Introduction to Painting class. Throughout this class we have started with a series of still lifes with various objects to paint. For each still life we have to hand mix each color and decide composition on the page. From this, both my color matching and color theory skills have gotten stronger. I use my color theory skills to get the image to have a cohesive tone while also identifying the objects in space. Mixing specific colors has also become very useful because I have been able to use the makeup of every color to understand how to blend shadows into objects while also balancing out the entire color pallet of the image.
These basic technical skills are all working together to give me a really strong foundations, the main purpose of the schools foundation year curriculum, but also allows me to be more prepared for my future game design classes. This also allows me to become a better artist because these skills make sure I understand the concepts behind the art I am creating. Overall this program has been extremely beneficial after my first year of college and will be beneficial in future years as well.


Gallery on West Pearl

Our Gallery on West Pearl is going to be open during the following hours in the month of April:
April 1st 11:30am - 1:30pm
April 13th 6-8pm
April 15th 6-8pm
April 21st 6- 8pm
April 22nd 3 - 5pm
April 29th 2 - 4pm

During these hours you can come in and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee and mingle with the artists who currently have their artwork on display. You will notice that these days and times correspond with events happening at the new Nashua Center for the Arts whose calendar can be seen here:

"Everything Hollis"

Coming in April at the Holls Social Library HAS is hosting a month long exhibit of original artworks by our members. The subject matter of the artwork will be images of Hollis, NH. All of our members are encouraged to submit artwork for this event. Your artwork must be framed and ready to hang (wire only, no sawtooth hangers please) by 3/31. We will be putting up artwork from 1-4pm on March 31 and the show runs through April.
There will be an opening reception, details on that to come.
If you are interested in submitting work please contact Grace McGinnis at her email by clicking here.
Grace will also need your artist bio and a current headshot. Those can be submitted either to her email or brought along on 3/31.

As you know, part of your HAS membership includes opportunities for visibility. This newsletter is distributed to over 600 people and your artwork is welcome! This opportunity is also your responsibility. If you would like your artwork to appear in subsequent month's newsletters please respond to this one with your name, two high quality images of your work plus it's title, medium, size, and any other applicable info.
We look forward to promoting YOU!
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