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The Promise Campaign is on target to meet the $375,000 scholarship goal by the end of the 2025 through current pledged and received donations. The campaign, which kicked off last year, is designed to secure all of the funds needed for every one of our scholars to complete university and vocational college degrees.
Jimmy is ready to set up shop

Jimmy graduated with a metal fabrication vocational degree in January and is starting his own metal works business in his village. Most local shops rely on metal doors and windows for their buildings, which we hope will drive lots of business his way.
Catherine (above left) is a model of success

She recently completed her fashion design and tailoring vocational degree. Armed with a brand new sewing machine and plenty of talent, Catherine is excited about her future.

St. Andrew Penny Challenge sponsors Mebel
During Catholic Schools Week, students at St. Andrew School waged a spirited coin collection competition that pitted grade against grade—with our scholar, Mebel, as the clear winner.
Michael's banking on a
bright future

He graduated this month from Uganda's most prestigious institution, Makerere University, with a bachelor's degree in quantitative economics. Michael's set his sights on the financial industry and wants to pursue a career in banking.
Motoring ahead

Gerald has graduated with a vocational degree in mechanical engineering and is looking forward to working in an automobile repair business in Wakiso.

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