January 2023


(Taking another trip around the sun)


OK – I have a fresh tablet in front of me, and the question is, how will I fill it out?


365 Blank Pages, one for each day of 2023. I start off on New Year's Eve by making notes on what I want to do on the first day of the new year. Then I will fill in what I accomplished on January 1st and repeat this process until I get to this same point where I am today only a whole year later.


Do you think my Tablet endeavor will slow down time, so the years won’t go by so fast?

It’s worth a try!

Retirement Blues

The Story behind the song!


The photo above reminds me of my dad. I miss him dearly!


Here is a song that took quite a while to come together. I have played this introduction piece on my guitar for decades. It was one of the first things I played to help break in the new strings. I was going for a bluesy feel, so Retirement Blues became sort of a working title somewhere along the way. Of course, I hadn’t retired yet and I doubt that I ever will.


The melody and lyrics slowly came together once the first few lines appeared: “I’m older than I look, I’m younger than I feel”. That felt like a good start but where do I go from there. Then came, “Crusin’ down the highway, my hands upon the wheel of life”. And what did I do with the Wheel of Life? “I spin it every chance that I get”. Each time I spin it I come to realize that “The Jackpot is avoiding me, but I’ll keep placing my bet”. Always an optimist.


Which brings to mine one of my favorite Quotes:An optimist builds castles in the sky... A dreamer lives there… A realist collects rent from both of them." Anonymous


This quote kind of sums up my life. I have always taken an optimistic approach to life trying to see the good in everyone and everything. As a Dreamer, I build all sorts of rooms in the castle I live in where I store all my hopes and wishes that I truly believe will come true. But then along comes the Realist, the most frustrating of the three. He is constantly interfering with my dreams and is not always in step with my Optimistic Nature.


Does this mean that I have a Multiple Personality Disorder? I must say that, if I do, I use it to help me write songs from different points of view. See, the Optimist in me always finds the positive spin on everything I do. LOL

I think Retirement Blues is a perfect way for me to kick off this New Year! The last line of the lyric explains how I really feel about clocks, calendars, and time in general.

“I’m riding on a roller coaster, TIME – GET OUT OF MY WAY!”

What’s Happening at RpT’s Library

Roberto Ramos and I brought percussionist James Fenner into the studio to add his talents to “You’re Mine”. This past Friday we took a field trip to Greg Giacona’ s studio where he laid down piano, organ, and clavinet parts to add to this ever-increasing orchestra. This song is turning out to be something I have ever done before.


While I was at Greg’s studio, we worked on the arrangement for “I Love You”. Emma Jane Conley will be here this coming Saturday to start working on her vocals. She and I plan to use multiple recordings of our voices to build a small choir that will backup and support of Emma’s lead vocals.

Salado’s Music Friendly Community Advisory Board is moving forward with plans for the Salado Porch and Planet Festival being held on Saturday, April 22nd, 2023. Please mark your calendar – it would be great to have you visit Salado for this city-wide event. I will include more details as plans progress. If you want to learn more, please check out https://www.saladotx.gov/music-friendly-community and it would be great if you would “LIKE” our Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/SaladoMusicFriendly. Linda Griffith designed the event poster.

We need Sponsors, Musicians, Kid’s Entertainment and Activities, and Volunteers. Please send me an email if you are interested in helping our community put this event together. Thank you!

In case you missed the earlier newsletters,

here is a link to the ones we have completed so far this year.


RpT available LIVE!


I would love the opportunity to play for you. I can bring my guitar to your home and perform for your family and friends. I can even bring along the “My Life in Song” multi-media show so we can have a real party on our hands. House concert/parties are fun and easy, and I will be happy to help you set one up.

Please give me a call if you are interested in my coming to your home one day soon.

My number is  (254) 493-7729 or write me at RpT@tbc-group.com


Each project I create involves many steps in the creative process. If you would like to join me and be a part of the process, please take a moment to check out my Patreon site and consider subscribing. Click on the link below.


Thank you for spending your time with me. RpT

 Richard Paul Thomas





“There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life – Music & Cats”

Albert Schweitzer

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