January/February 2020
Volunteer Recognition
Below is a list of those who have generously donated their time and expertise
during the month of January.
Your flexibility in working with the new virtual format has been greatly appreciated! Your willingness to give your time, energy and knowledge have made it possible for Trauma Recovery/HAP to continue to achieve our mission during this challenging time!

Dorothy Ashman
Dominique Barritt-McBride
Lisa Battle-Gwathney
Stephen Beck
Leslie Brown
Marion Brown
Peg Correia
Stephanie Drieze
Stacy Eggsware
Liza Gianetto
Deborah Goodwin
Leanne Harper

Laura Henson
Pennisue Hignell
Keunho Keefe
Paula Krentzel
Marjorie Lamphear
Candise Leininger
Tara May
Reginald McCrae
Peggy Moore
Desiree Murray
Alexis Polles
Gemma Rivera
 Welcome to our new Facilitators in Training…
Judith Berger
Brian Gong
Natacha Kerelejza
Camille Larsen
Luna Medina-Wolf
Kerry Rollins
Maureen Smith

Cherilyn Rowland Petrie
Dorinna Ruh
Deborah Silveria
Elisabeth Slatt
Sadie Smith
Charlene Spears
Timothy Vermillion
Jessica Whitaker
Frazier Wilson
Beverly Wright
Yuchuan Yang
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