vol. 4
WOOHOO! IT'S 2022!
I am so excited that this here newsletter is the second in as many weeks. My blogging mojo is returning! Huzzah! ::smashes glass::

I want to thank everyone who responded to last week's newsletter. When I started Hafuboti almost a decade ago (gasp!) I had no idea how it would lead me to some of the most wonderfullest people in the world.

And if you're reading this and wondering "does she mean me?" then know that yes, I mean you.

Now onto content.
I promised in the second newsletter to reveal what became of the Totoro chair. So here it is: what I did with all the Totoros.

It's so soft and ultra-cute.

I like to pretend that they have their own version of the "Care Bear Stare" and will blast bad dreams away with light from their pudgy bellies. Heh.
This was one of those ideas that had me facepalming because of its simple elegance: dry erase reserve slips!
Team members Adina and Jamie came up with the core idea. Then after using them for a few months, we made minor tweaks - such as having the slips be horizontal at the Main Library. Stuff like that.

We also used old audiobook cases that we added strong magnets to as patron name alpha-spacers.

We don't have a metal shelf for reserves at the Children's Library, so the slips remain vertical.

To save on rubber bands, we write the number of holds the patron has in the slip's upper left-hand corner. Their items will be to the right of the initial slipped item. It's an easy adjustment if more items are added.

This is what the slips look like. Basic and to-the-point.

We use 5 mil laminating sheets and they've held up fine.
One more thing: take a look at the top picture. We created that LEGO reserve supplies holder for the Children's Library and it has been perfect.

You can't tell from the image, but there are two dry erase marker holders on it. And the black rectangle is a dry erase marker eraser.

We added the side "shelf" to it after two boys brought in a jar of paper flowers on the day that our building reopened to the public. The wrapper says "We the Library."

::wipes away teardrop::

And so it has pride of place on our back desk. I mean, it totally matches the LEGOs, and is a reminder that people do love all that is the library.
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