Collage by Cheryl O
Gustav Meet Georgia - by Cheryl O
Acrylic Collage with crackle paste, egg shells, peppercorns, paper, and fabric - 11" x 14"
On gallery canvas ready to hang
$350.00 + HST

The collage above integrates a Gustav Klimt painting (the small flowers) with two of Georgia O'Keeffe's (her poppies and jimsonweed). Being spring, once the garden theme struck me, I just had to run with it. The current collage class received a video detailing each step of this collage, including how to work with crackle paste, egg shell, incorporate words into a collage, and more. It's been a great class. Next newsletter, with students' permissions, I hope to show you some collages done by the students. (That class ends today.) Stay tuned!


I am more than a little excited to get started making some shorter online classes. I am bursting with ideas for this. Here are some of them - nothing is written in stone or video yet...

I plan to do an online course of short videos that cover all the basics for each type of paint from understanding the supplies, how to set up to paint, and exercises for good brush handling habits while painting. It would be a great way for beginners to be able to start in with the confidence of knowing what materials are best and how to handle and care for them. And no doubt a good review for intermediate painters as well.

After that, a landscape theme is calling to me.

For watermedia (which means watercolour or fluid acrylics), the theme would be how to loosen up and get away from 'tidy' paintings. How to make much more dynamic works by learning a variety of ways to let colour really flow. Taught by working step by step through 4 or 5 paintings, 1 per week.

For oil or heavy body acrylics , the theme will be how to take advantage of that luscious creamy thickness to make exciting and expressive brush marks that can bring a painting to life. Taught by working step by step through 4 or 5 paintings, 1 per week.

Both courses will be in video format - with colour mixing and composition tips included. I will also give drawing tips in the first lesson, to help folks get a bit of basic line work down before they start to paint.

Hope you may share my enthusiasm for what's ahead. No exact release date yet - but I hope possibly by early May. I will keep in touch about it, and check these art newsletters for sneak peeks behind the scenes as it all comes together.


Stay safe, stay well, and keep the brush moving!
Cheryl O
by Cheryl O
Streamside - Watermedia by Cheryl O - sold
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