Wednesday, May 1, 2024

Narmada (Reva) Nadi Pushkaralu


Transit of Jupiter -Brihaspati

from Aries (Mesha Rasi) to Tarus(Vrushabha Rasi)

 Guru Mantram

Dhevaanaancha Risheenaancha Gurum Kaanchan Sannibham

Bhudhdhi Bhootham Thrilokesam Thannamaami Bhruhaspathim II

GURU PRAVESAM/ PEYARCHI - Guru Transitioning from

Aries (Mesha Rasi) to Tarus (Vrushabha Rasi)

Tula (Libra), Dhanus (Sagittarius), Mithuna (Gemini) and Meena (Pisces), Simha (Leo) and Kumbha(Aquarius)

Recommended special prayers to negate the challenges caused by the transit.

The movement of Planets from one sign to another impact us in our daily life.  A well-placed Jupiter (Guru graha) will lead to happy and prosperous life. Santhi Homa will balance or reduce the negative bearings and increases the positive effect of Guru/Jupiter. Worship of Jupiter results in cure from physical illness as well as good progeny, education, overcome obstacles both at home and work fronts, and longevity of life.

Special Guru Homam on Wednesday, May 1, 2024

Full Sponsorship of GURU Graha Transit - $154

Prasadam - Homa Raksha

Special  GURU Graha Abhishekam - $54


Guru Graha Homam - $54

Guru Graha Archana - $18

     Guru Graha dhanya daana -$27

Flower Service -$36

Jyoti Arati -$27

               Offer Shawl $25  ; ​Annadanam $21   ; Annadanam $54


Chandika Devi Puja

Thursday, Apri May 2, 2024 -

Wishing you a blessed Thursday - Sai Nitya Seva.

I shall not permit harm to befall my devotees.

Chandika Devi Homam - $126

Prasadam - Homa Raksha, Blessed Saree, Kumkum

Significance of Chandika Homam: Chandika Devi, also known as Chandi or Chandika, SHE represents the fiery, destructive Power of Shakti and is often associated with the goddess Durga. She also revered as Astadasa Bhuja Mahalakshmi (Goddess Maha Lakshmi with 18 arms). 

The name “Chandi” is derived from the Sanskrit word “Chand” which means “tear apart. 

          The Goddess Chandi is described as “She Who Tears Apart Thought. “She tears apart our thoughts that feed the ego, and thoughts that take us off of our path.

         Chandika Navami is observed on Krishna Paksha Navami on Chaitra Masa as per Marathi, Gujarati, Kannada and Telugu Calendars. It is also observed in Bhadrapada month as per some other calendars. Chandika devi or Ma Chandi is believed to be the divine combination of Maha Kali Maha Saraswathi and Maha Lakshmi. Chandika is another form of Mahadevi, similar to Durga. She is also known by various other names, such as Kaushiki, Katyayani, Asthadasabuja Mahalakshmi, and Mahishasuramardini. Kaushiki is another name for Chandika, emphasizing her cosmic power.

Katyayani is to her lineage from the sage Katyayana. Asthadasabuja Mahalakshmi describing her as the eight-armed form of Mahalakshmi.Mahishasuramardini the goddess who vanquished the demon Mahishasura.The Navarna Mantra or Navavarna Mantra associated with Chandika is significant in Shakti worship. It is customary to chant this mantra while reciting the Devi Mahatmya and Chandi homam. Nivasam (Abode): Chandika is believed to reside near Kailasa in a place called Mahakal.

Chandika Devi’s worship is a powerful spiritual practice that connects devotees to divine feminine energy.  

Chandi Maa is worshipped as three stones in Vaishnodevi temple in Jammu and Kashmir. 

Thousands of devotees come here for prayer and darshan on Navaratri every year in this sacred Chandika temple. Let’s all pray to Mata Chandika for her divine grace and protection. 

Jai Sairam!

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